Is you Back giving you a Headache?

Is you Back giving you a Headache?

How many hours do we sit at computers these days? Most people probably about 8 hrs plus at work arched over their screens, not to mention starring at screens on our laptops and mobiles…yes this is the generation of on liners, e-shops and much more and it is giving us all back and neck pain…and its manifesting itself as headaches or migraines.

Because cervicogenic headaches arise from problems in the neck, different conditions can trigger this type of pain.

  • These include degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis
  • A prolapsed disc in the neck
  • Falling down or playing sports can also cause injury to the neck and trigger these headaches
  • This can also occur due to your posture while sitting or standing at work. If you’re a driver, carpenter, hairstylist, or someone who sits at a desk, you may unknowingly push your chin forward which moves your head out in front of your body. Sitting or standing in this position for long periods of time can put pressure or stress on the neck and base of the skull, triggering a headache.
  • Falling asleep in an awkward position (such as with your head too far to the front or back, or off to one side) can also cause these types of headaches
  • A compressed or pinched nerve in or near the neck is another cause of cervicogenic headaches.

Headache due to back problem.

Most (if not all) backpain is caused by  bone deformity directly linked to compression. This is when your spine becomes squashed or shortened from its natural length.

One of the most horrendous symptoms coming from the spine/neck area manifests itself’s as a headache or migraine, but this comes directly from the neck and therefore the spine, deal with that and these symptoms will vanish.

There is simply no need to reach for painkillers, just try the Spinal Backrack System, which works wonders on a range of cervical issues such as:

  • Headache/Migraine
  • Neck Pain
  • Toothache
  • Stenosis
  • Dizziness
  • Sense of Weakness/Numbness
  • Pain between C6-C7

By using the cervical exercises as instructed your symptoms will improve, and you can stop to reach for the pills for good.

The Spinal Backrack System works directly on the cause of back pain by decompressing your spine. By treating the cause rather than just the symptoms, you can banish back pain – for good.

A unique concept and application in back care- Don’t Suffer try Backrack today!