Lifestyle: How To Keep Your Back Happy and Healthy?

Most of us take our back for granted. We lift heavy boxes and twist from side to side when carrying large bags of shopping, all without giving it a thought. I for one am terrible with my posture on a daily basis, hunching over at my desk staring into my laptop. The truth is, our bodies are not designed to bend from the waist and nor is our back equipped to cope with many years of awful posture. So if your back is beginning to twinge at the end of the day, or you would prefer to avoid the hell of severe back pain, here are some tips to help you keep your back nice and healthy.

Keep your back healthy

Maintain Good Posture

Correct posture is very important. In our grandma’s day, we would have been taught to walk like a lady by way of a heavy book balanced on our head. It may sound crazy, but this really is a good way to practice good posture. Instead of slumping in a chair all day, sit up straight, and if you do a lot of driving, look at back pain products to correct your posture.

Don’t Sit Down All Day

Sitting down at a desk, hunched over a keyboard is probably the worst thing you can do for your back. Unfortunately, this is the norm for a huge number of people. To prevent back problems, make sure you take a break from your desk at least once an hour. Stand up, stretch, and go for a quick walk. It will do your back and your sanity the world of good.