Loss of Appetite and Back Pain

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Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite can occur due to a variety of reasons and is a very common symptom for a lot of diseases and illnesses. This is an indication from the body that the system is out of balance and something is wrong. You must try to find the main cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptom, as it will persist if the underlying problem isn’t dealt with. If nausea or loss of appetite isn’t improving, this means that some sort of medical intervention is necessary and you must consider giving your doctor a visit.

Poor Appetite Due To Persistent Back Pain

If back pain is persistent, it is very common for people to experience nausea and decrease in appetite. This nausea often comes and goes, and is usually felt more after a meal. It can also be felt after a bowel movement in some people. The reason for this nausea is the constant persistent pain that is felt in the body. It worsens after a meal because the abdominal wall muscles exert a pressure on the nerve endings in the spine. Sometimes it occurs after a bowel movement in cases of lower back pain because the movement causes the abdominal muscles to contract, which results in activation of pain sensors in the back.

Persistent back pain may also end up in causing stress and anxiety, which can in turn cause loss of appetite or gastrointestinal upset. These conditions affect the area in the brain that deals with emotions, which also controls metabolism and immune response of the body.

Loss of appetite can also occur due to some other serious medical conditions, but before the diagnosis is made, the doctor will look for other symptoms accompanying them and further investigations will be undertaken.

Help Your Back to Treat Nausea or Loss of Appetite

If this feeling of nausea or loss of appetite is caused by back pain, the first and foremost need is to treat the cause of the back pain.

Tips to ease Back Pain

  • Have frequent and smaller meals during the day rather than three large ones.
  • Exercises to reduce back pain.
  • Walk regularly to tone up the muscles and the body. This may help in reducing back pain.
  • Plenty of rest for reducing pain in the back.
  • Application of ice/ hot fomentation to lessen pain.
  • Improve body posture.

You must consult a healthcare professional if the pain or any other symptom persists, or doesn’t get better with home remedies. If you find it difficult to perform your day to day activities and you feel that your condition is affecting your quality of life, visit your doctor and get yourself properly examined by a health professional.

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