Typical Causes of Lower Back Pain and Remedies

You may be experiencing lower back pain for a number of reasons. These might be because you have torn or strained a muscle or ligament. Such injuries can develop slowly, or they may happen suddenly. For example, if your job involves you making repetitive movements, over time you might develop back pain and also a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

What’s the difference between a sprain and a strain?

Strains happen because a muscle stretches too much and tears. This, naturally damages the muscle. Sprains occur when over-stretching and subsequent tearing damages ligaments. These are the tissues which connect bones.

It doesn’t make any difference whether the ligament or muscle is damaged as the symptoms and treatment of both are the same.

Causes of sprains and strains

There are a number of reasons why sprains and strains occur. These can include the following: –

  • lifting a heavy object
  • a fall or another sudden movement that jolts the back and puts stress on the lower back area
  • awkwardly twisting the spine when lifting
  • bad posture
  • a sports injury
  • repeatedly bending
  • too much physical exertion
  • sitting in the same position for an extended period of time

Exercises to relieve lower back pain

You don’t have to go to a gym to do exercises to help relive your lower back pain. You can try these at home.

  • Reverse leg lifts or raises. You can do these lying on the floor. If you do these regularly, even after your back pain has gone, they will be beneficial. They can help by lowering the risk of another back injury, pain or strain.
  • Aerobics can help with back pain.
  • Yoga is also beneficial.
  • Walking every day can give benefits and if you continue to take a daily walk even when the pain has gone, it can strengthen the back. When you are in pain, walking can make your back less sore and stiff.
  • Cycling is also good to relieve pain in your back.
  • Swimming and other water-based activities are also good.

For other exercises, you should be advised by your doctor or physiotherapist after you have had a thorough examination.

What else can you do to ease lower back pain?

When you first get the pain apply ice to the painful area. Ice it for 20-30 minutes every four hours for a few days.

The next step is to heat your back, using a hot water bottle or electric heating pad on the painful area, or simply have a hot bath and soak in it.

Sometimes, and for a limited period only, you may need painkillers. However, you may suffer from side-effects.

Have a massage from a fully qualified masseur or masseuse. Alternatively ask your doctor to get you an appointment with a physiotherapist.

You could also try the services of an osteopath or chiropractor.

Meditation can also help relieve pain, but it only works after it has been practised for some time, and if you are in pain, what you need is a quick fix.

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