Natural Treatment of Nerve Root Displacement

Pain in the nerve root occurs from a nerve in the spine. Nerves are responsible for carrying messages and signals from the body to the body through the spine. Any disorders of nerves can affect the process of sending signals to the brain; it can cause pain, numbness, and increasing weakness of muscles or sensitivity. Often the pain is felt in the part of the body from where the nerve is affected. Leg and arm nerves are affected most often. Pain that comes from a single nerve affected is called Radicular pain.

Nerves are often affected by a slipped disc. The discs located in the spine are like a jelly-like material and can break and ooze out of their space over time. This leakage can cause compression on the spinal nerves and cause pain.

When the slipped disc does not receive its regular nutrition, it shrinks over time. The left out part of the disc will repair on its own. As a person ages, the discs between the vertebrae become stiffer with a less jelly-like substance. This is the reason why the herniated disc is less common in older people. It is suggested to keep yourself active and exercises regularly and smartly.

Types of Nerve Root Pain

Lumbar nerve pain, which is also called Scotia, generally occurs below the knee area. Pain in the back is felt usually from the lower ribs down to the buttock. Mostly, back and leg pain combines in this condition. This condition is generally caused by a herniated disc; however, other causes exist as well.

Nerves affected by the neck area are called Brachial Neuralgia and cause pain in the arm, which travels as far as a particular finger.

Often back pain and nerve pain are present at once. However, if the person affected feels more pain in a limb than the back, then the pain is most likely coming from a nerve.


  • Pain spreads below the knee and elbow area, usually in the leg or arm.
  • Pain is accompanied by tingling sensations, numbness, and burning feeling.
  • Slight movements like coughing or sneezing can worsen the pain
  • Limb pain is more extreme compared to back or neck pain.

Natural Treatment

Our “Backrack” device has been specifically designed to stabilise the spine through simple exercises. Based on unique Backrack technology, this device works on the whole spine and naturally treats spinal nerve root disorders. There is an especially designed program of exercises that you can perform at home using the Backrack device. It is a 100% safe and convenient way to treat the cause of back pain so you get long-term pain relief.


Following tips will help you prevent this condition:

  • Maintenance of proper posture can save you from a lot of damages to the spine. Keep in check your posture while studying, using an electronic device, and even while driving.
  • Your weight lifting methods should be proper as the wrong move could affect your entire body.
  • Develop a routine of regular exercising and physical activity.
  • Your body weight contributes a lot to your spine’s health as your back bears the load and burden of the entire body. Being overweight can affect you and give your spinal conditions. Maintain a healthy weight and consume nutritious food.
  • Stretching is highly helpful for the health of your back. Include stretching into your daily routine.