Cervical Vertigo – 100% Natural Treatment

Cervical Vertigo, which is also known as cervicogenic dizziness, is a condition related to the neck, which makes a person feel dizzy as if their surroundings are spinning. Cervical Vertigo is caused by lousy neck posture, neck disorders, or trauma received to the cervical spine. Vertigo itself refers to dizziness. Cervical Vertigo occurs from a particular movement or poor .

Why Won’t My Back Pain Go Away?

Back pain can make any day hard and it could keep you from doing your daily work. It is not only athletes who suffer from back pain but other people can also be victims of pain in the lower back and legs. Sometimes, the pain is only for a while and it subsides after that. However, there are times .

Bulging Disc in the Neck – Natural Treatment

When a spinal disc in the neck weakens and trespasses on the spinal cord, it causes a bulging disc. An injury to the area can also create his condition; in some cases, this condition causes immense pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and arms. The risk of a bulging disk increases at an older age as the structure in .

Self-Help for Spinal Disc Problems

Common Spinal Disc Problems: The common types of spinal disc problems are: Ruptured disc: A ruptured disc, also known as a slipped disc or herniated disc, may seem like the disc itself has moved from its position. However, that is not the case. Ruptured disc means that there is a crack in the outer shell of the disc, which .

Why is spine surgery not a viable treatment option for elderly patients?

The outcome of surgery in elderly patients remains poor in most cases. The common factors, for this reason, our frailty, late diagnosis, delayed consultant-led treatment, pre-existing comorbidity, and polypharmacy. For surgery of the back in older people, there is no guarantee that the patient will be relieved of pain. There are many other viable options than surgery that are .