Backrack Efficacy

Treat Most Back Pains Through One Easy Therapy

If you ever suffered from back pain you know how annoying (in the best-case scenario) or excruciating it can be. It is not easy dealing with back pain and many people spend years trying to find effective treatment to relieve their back pain. According to a study, Back pain is one of the most common…

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Backrack Belt Structure

When To Use Backrack Lumbar Belt?

The Backrack Lumbar Belt is a unique back support tool based on the Backrack technology. It doesn’t only support your lower back but also helps you treat the cause of pain. The belt targets the lumbar region of your spine. The human spine is divided into three parts. The lower part is called “lumbar spine”…

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At Home Treatment

7 Common Spinal Disorders – One Solution

Not all back pains are the same. There are over 50 spinal disorders recorded worldwide causing acute or chronic back pain. But here we’ll highlight the following 7 most common spinal conditions observed by medical professionals, and one authentic spine therapy to treat them all: Sciatica Herniated Disc Spinal Stenosis Spinal Arthritis Scoliosis (Postural problem)…

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