Relieving muscle soreness

Four Ways to Prevent and Relieve Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness and stiffness can be caused by a whole range of things. Sometimes your muscles can be sore and stiff due to overuse, for example if you’ve embarked on a huge hike the day before. Other times, muscles feel stiff and sore after a workout – which is a good sign! But, if you suffer from chronic muscle .
Patient having severe lower back pain

5 Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer with lower back pain? Then you may be desperate to find prompt relief so you can enjoy life and work comfortably. Check out the five overlooked remedies below, which are sure to relieve your lower back pain and get you moving again.   1.     Orthopaedic Spinal Products There are .
Schofield using backrack for spinal decompression

Rehabilitation Session with Backrack

Steve Schofield, BodyweightGurus Master Trainer, has described his experience while he used the Backrack with his patients for a rehabilitation session: “Rehabilitation session with surfer @kellysayssurf utilising the Backrack I am working on posture with the back rack, but also through tri-planar movement and trigger point therapy. As well as this looking to strengthen specific areas which are needed as well .
Eygea logo

Eygea Business Partner of Spine Back Rack

We are delighted to announce our business partnership with Eygea – Rivoli (TO) – Rehabilitation and Healthcare Centre: Dr. Riccardo Capello, Osteopath, is the Director. They are currently using the Backrack as an innovative and unique tool to help their patients improve posture and help them relieve and treat their back pain.   Come and try the effectiveness of the .
Backrack as an essential tool to treat back pain.

Spinal Backrack Workshop in Bad Düben – Germany

Spine Back Rack is pleased to announce its presence in the workshop in Bad Düben (Germany) which will be held on the 25th October 2017 from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at Mediclinic. The conference will be divided as follows: ‘Physiotherapy – conservative and postoperative treatment options in spinal column surgery’ by Dr. Joachim Bleeck Presentation of the Spinal Back Rack .
Back pain due to house work

3 Things To Do When Housework Leaves You With Backache

Doing housework isn’t always easy on your body, and many people who vacuum, mop, do dishes, and do their laundry often find that they end up with a backache when they’re all done. If you suffer from backache after doing housework, consider following some of the tips below in order to find some much-needed relief and feel like yourself .
Gold partner of the backcare charity

Spine Back Rack is proud gold partner of Backcare

Spine Back Rack is a proud gold partner of the BackCare Charity. According to the national library of medicine, It has been estimated that about 80% of population  is suffering from some kind of  back pain and neck pain in their lifetime. Spine Back Rack, founded by the President Mr Bogdan Luklinski ,mission is to destroy back pain myths for good. .
Backrack presentation in back school event Italy

Dr. Francesca Vendrami presenting the Backrack

Dr. Francesca Vendramini presenting the Backrack at the Back School event held in Abano Terme (Padova-Italy) to her colleagues from all around Italy.   Dr. Francesca Vendramini, degree in Physical Education, specialist in Rehabilitative Kinesiology and responsible for the Back School in Asolo, utilising the Backrack at her rehabilitation centre at Le Pleiadi Club ( based in via Enrico .