Spinal decompression therapy explained by Bogdan Luklinski.

Spinal Decompression Therapy with Spinal Backrack

What Really is Spinal Decompression? Before we discuss the spinal decompression therapy, let’s talk about the backbone for better understanding. From a medical point of view the backbone or spine is our ultimate companion and friend. It not only plays a vital role in carrying messages to and from the brain enabling our brain to exercise its control over .
Thoracic pain scan

What is Thoracic Pain?

Symptoms and causes of thoracic pain Thoracic pain will occur in the spine behind your chest or thorax, between your shoulder blades. Your thoracic pain will probably extend from the base of your neck to the beginning of your lumbar spine. This will be around waist level. If you experience this sort of pain, you may be wondering if .
Lumbar treatment using backrack

Do You Have Persistent Lower Back Pain?

Self-help for lower back pain sufferers If you suffer from lower back pain, you are certainly not alone. Lower back pain is classed as a musculoskeletal disorder and as such is one of the major reasons for absenteeism from work. A musculoskeletal disorder may affect your: lower limbs your arms or neck and your back In the year between .
Pitching backrack at COPA Series Innovation Award

Pitching For The Award As Innovation Of The Year 2018!

Innovation Of The Year Award – 2018 Finalists We are proud to share that Spinal Backrack has been nominated as a finalist for the COPA Series Innovation Award! As the leading platform showcasing the innovative products and services designed to change the way a range of physical and neurological conditions are treated, The COPA Expo Series Awards stand as .
Facet joints in motion

Are You Suffering from Facet Joint Syndrome?

What is facet joint syndrome precisely? Facet joint syndrome is basically another term for osteoarthritis. It is a pain at the joints between the vertebrae in your spine. Facet joints are the joints that make your spine flexible. so that you can twist and bend. Problems with the facet joints are common, but they can result in disability and .
COPA innovation of the year award 2018 finalists

Innovation Of The Year Award – 2018 Finalists

We are proud to share that Spinal Backrack has been nominated as a finalist for the COPA Series Innovation Award! The COPA Series from May 9-10 in London, UK is one of Europe’s leading events for rehabilitation professionals. Come and visit us at the STAND NUMBER: 2214 See you there!
Normal spine vs spinal stenosis

Are You Suffering from Spinal Stenosis?

What to do if you have spinal stenosis First of all, let’s consider what spinal stenosis is. There are two major types of spinal stenosis: cervical and lumbar stenosis. Cervical stenosis is a narrowing of your spine near your neck. Lumbar stenosis affects your spine in your lower back. Again, it is a narrowing of part of your spine. .
Healthy disc vs degenerative disc

Have You Been Diagnosed With Degenerative Disc Disease?

What is Degenerative Disc Disease? Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is all part of the natural ageing process. Sometimes, the normal changes that occur in your discs cause you pain. These processes may not cause you any pain, but they can be painful for many people. Think of your discs as shock absorbers. They are in between the vertebrae in .
Bulging disc diagram

Spinal Bulging Disc

What is a spinal bulging disc? A spinal bulging disc is quite a common injury. They can be referred to in different ways, but basically, they are spinal discs which have changed shape due to pressure on a disc. It might also be caused by the ageing process. Bulging discs are sometimes also known as protruding discs. Sometimes the .
Bulging disc diagram

What is a Herniated Disc Exactly?

What is a herniated disc? If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, you might be wondering what this means. You may also believe, erroneously, that you will need an operation. Let’s start by explaining what a herniated disc is exactly. A herniated or slipped disc A herniated disc is often called a slipped disc. A disc is .