Nerve Impingement Syndrome


Nerve Impingement Syndrome A trapped or compressed nerve can arise from sudden movement or any minor injury, and while the condition is troublesome causing pain, numbness or tingling in the arm, hand or finger etc, the condition is easily treated by mobilisation: gentle oscillatory movement applied at the correct spinal level by an experienced practitioner usually cures the problem completely .
Innovative technology in spinal care and pain relief


Backrack – Back Pain Tool By Benjamin John Ensall on JULY 18, 2017 Back pain. Sound familiar? Throughout our lives the vast majority of us encounter some type of back, hip or other aggravating joint pain which can leave us feeling frustrated, irritable and lethargic. Therefore to try to combat these problems before they arise, let’s introduce you to a new, .
Sciatica back pain patterns


Sciatica Condition This is a layman’s term used to describe a common back problem and as such it is not a clinical definition of any specific condition. Sciatica is related to the sciatic nerve which is the thickest and strongest nerve in the body. The nerve can sustain a hanging weight of 700kg (the weight of 7 adult men) .
Neck and Back Pain, a book written by Alf Nachemson.

Neck and Backpain – KEY FACTS

We have extracted some key facts, from the following book It is an interesting read written by Alf Nachemson, MD, PhD, 1931–2006: an exceptional pioneer in spine care (   Facts About Back & Neck Pain Back pain is rarely a symptom of serious disease. The total financial cost of back pain is about three times higher than the .
Normal disc vs degenerative disc

DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE – Treatment and Condition

DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE Causes & Condition The condition can be caused by prolonged and irregular pressure on the discs due to the patient’s poor posture and bio-mechanical deformities (such as a short leg). After the age of 60 when even normal discs lose up to 20% of their water content, they become prolapsed (thinner) and are not as elasticated .
Normal disc vs bulging disc

HERNIATED DISCS – Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis The diagnosis for bulging and herniated discs can frequently be faulty because MRI scans upon which doctors and surgeons rely can only show about 25% – 40% of the patient’s condition – and even then the results of such scans are not necessarily indicative of the real problem affecting the patient. Scans can assist but they cannot provide .
Steve Schofield testing the backrack

Steve Schofield from East Coast Calisthenics

An interesting review by Steve Schofield from East Coast Calisthenics gym helping his clients posture and spine realignment! Take a look at this: Recently I attended the Elite sports performance and rehabilitation expo at the Excel in London. We came across so many innovative products that are on the market, until we came across the team at @spinebackrack The backrack differs from .