Spinal Arthritis – What You Really Need To Know?

Arthritis is a common degenerative joint disease. This condition reveals the wearing down of the protective cartilage that cushions the tops of the bones. This results in pain and swelling in that area. This condition may further lead to osteophytes or bone spurs. What Is Arthritis of the Spine? Spinal Arthritis is a breakdown of the joints and discs .

High Heels – A Fashion Statement or Strain on the Back?

According to a long-held belief high heels cause back pain. The extensiveness of this thought has made it a fact to believe for many people. This simply doesn’t mean it is true. The foundation of the theory of high heels causing back pain lies on the thought that wearing them causes a strain in the thighs and hip flexors. .

How to Tame Back Pain to get a Good Night’s sleep?

It can be a chore to get into bed without treating back pain. Lying down and closing ones’ eye can be discomforting might not help during continuous pain cycles. These cycles may co-relate with sleeping patterns too. But is there really anything that could be done to make the pain go? Let’s learn some tips to tackle this pain .

Depression – A by-product of Chronic Back Pain?

It is a common practice for back pain patients to exhibit symptoms of depression. And this won’t be hard to say why? What else to expect from unrelenting pain? Wearing you down by cutting off sleep cycles and eating well. This can greatly add up to your daily stress preventing you to stay physically active. This has an extended .

Options Other than Surgery that Go a Long Way in Treating Back Pain!

Certain symptoms may be a clear sign that you might require surgery. If found related to your spine condition these indicators may end up in surgery. New or progressing bowel/bladder issues Weakness in limbs Gait and balance problems Evidence of increased reflexes Can surgery be a good option for you? You need to consult multiple surgeons for the successful .

Some Eye Openers for Patients Regarding Disc Problems!

It is a difficult process identifying an accurate clinical diagnosis of the underlying cause of back pain. It can be crucial in making decisions regarding treatment options. No matter what disc problem a person may be facing. Be it a slipped disc, bulging disc, or a degenerated disc. It is important for the patient to distinguish whether the pain .

All that you need to Know about Back Support Belts!

There are certain questions that circulate in mind when one decides to make use of a Back belt. Back belts have vast applications in providing care and treating spine related problems. In addition to treating the pain, they act as an external stabiliser by providing support to the back. Let’s answer questions about goods and bad of the back .

Over-Diagnosis of Back Pain Brings Harm Than Any Good!

Chiropractic care, ice, heat, and gentle exercise are evidently one of the best ways of treatment for back pain claim the latest news from Harvard Medical School. These conservative ways can beat the minute day treatment and diagnosis options that actually break the bank. They can end a culture of unnecessary tests, narcotics and surgery referrals adopted by most .

The Psychology of Back Pain – How to change your mind’s biology?

As back pain is quite common among people, there are also as many different responses as the number of people experiencing it. The same level of pain experienced by two different people can be totally different in respect of responses. This is all due to differential psyche and outlooks of people. Psychological factors of the patients regarding pain are .