Exercises of Yoga and Pilates for spinal health can help improve mobility and flexibility, and relax tense muscles. They can also build strength and reduce pain.

Stress and back pain are interconnected in a complex way, with stress often exacerbating existing pain or even being a direct cause of discomfort.

Alternative therapies for back pain relief can prove very effective as they often target the root cause of the problem, without creating complications.

To get a strong and flexible back, there are several steps one can take, including stretching, keeping active, and implementing lifestyle changes.

If you're experiencing the discomfort of a compressed spine, finding suitable exercises to alleviate pain and improve mobility is crucial.

Find out what activities are safe for L5-S1 pain sufferers to engage in. Staying active even with spinal issues is important to maintain or even improve spine health.

Understanding the role of posture in spinal health is crucial in learning how to target the core of spinal issues that are causing you painful symptoms.

There are several ways to relieve pain in the upper back but opting for natural remedies for upper back pain relief can have its benefits.

Correcting posture and reducing pain from an exaggerated lordotic curve can be done with the help of exercises that target the affected region of the back.

Severe disc pain can be debilitating, affecting the quality of life for millions of individuals worldwide. It can be treated naturally with the help of the Backrack.


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