undiagnosed back pain

Millions of people are currently suffering from undiagnosed back pain, and what makes it even worse is that medical professionals are not taking the problem seriously. Back pain can interfere not only with one's ability to carry out everyday tasks, but it can also have an impact on emotional well-being.

economic cost of back pain

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) stated that nearly 31 million workdays were lost in 2013 in the UK as a result of workers suffering from back problems, neck pain, and muscle ailments. On the flipside, minor illnesses, including the common cold or common cough, only accounted for about 27 million days lost from work.

Backrack spine exercise

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Back pain at office

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Most of us take our back for granted. We lift heavy boxes and twist from side to side when carrying large bags …

Living with muscle aches and pains on a daily basis can disrupt your routine. There are many reasons why you may be having aching muscles along the back, including muscle overuse, injuries such as a strain, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and others. We’ve put together some tips to help those suffering from regular muscular pain to cope.

The only sure-fire way to get rid of back pain is to treat the underlying cause of the problem, but for lower …

Backrack Session

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Lower Back Pain

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Herniated discs and posture may be related in cause and symptomology. Good posture may be able to prevent herniated discs, while poor posture might cause them.


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