Lumbar spondylosis, also known as osteoarthritis of the spine or degenerative disc disease, is a painful condition affecting the lower back. It refers to the gradual deterioration of spinal structures.

There are various non-invasive ways to treat chronic back pain from home, including targeted exercises, heat or ice therapy, as well as lifestyle changes.

Upper back pain is a common problem that affects many individuals, often resulting from various underlying causes. To treat it, there are various non-invasive options to choose from.

A healthy spine possesses a natural S-shaped curve (made out of multiple curves), but when these curves become exaggerated, it can lead to discomfort, pain, and potentially serious complications.

One of the best home treatments for spinal compression is to use the Backrack, as it is a natural way to stretch out and decompress your spine.

Some simple stretches to relax the middle of your back and reduce pain can be performed with the help of the Spinal Backrack.

To release tight back muscles at home you can perform a series of simple exercises with the Backrack, that will relieve any existing pain, providing long-term relief.

Walking can indeed be beneficial for a compressed spine. However, walking alone alone may not be enough to treat a compressed spine. It would help if you also considered other treatment options.

There are two main types of lower back pain, categorised based on duration: acute and chronic. Regardless of their type, they can both be treated effectively from home with the Backrack.

To treat severe disc pain, a combination of home remedies such as heat and ice therapy, pain medication, and exercise can be employed initially.


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