No Cause Back Pain Explained

If you think you are suffering from back pain that seems to have been triggered for no reason, you are not alone. Sometimes condition that are seemingly unrelated to the back, such as Fibromyalgia, may make people more sensitive towards back pain.

What you need to know is that there is a reason for your back pain, even if you do not know what it is right now because it is not part of the common causes for this condition, and it must be dealt with to lead a pain free life.

The Nature of Back Pain

Sometimes it may become difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for back pain, especially if you suffer from chronic pain, such as chronic lower back pain. This is because the structure of the back is intertwined with the muscles and the nerves in the surrounding area and any of them could be responsible for back pain.

Due to wear and tear and certain risk factors such as obesity and lifting habits, the spine may suffer from spinal compression or a slipped disc.

Spinal compression occurs when the spine loses its length due to external pressure or ageing. It becomes squashed down and can press on other components of the back, such as nerve roots, which can trigger pain signals.

The discs are special structures in between the vertebrae that help provide cushion and flexibility to the spine. Discs consist of an inner jelly-like substance and a harder outer shell. Sometimes the inner nucleus leaks out and applies pressure on the surrounding area. This is called disc herniation. A disc herniation can occur due to compression of the spine.

That being said, spinal compression is one of the often-unaddressed hidden back pain causes and is behind many back problems. Because it cannot be seen with the naked eye, it is often overlooked, but that does not mean it’s not present.

However, managing back pain caused by compression on the spine doesn’t have to be very difficult. Since back pain affects a large population, research in this field has been extensive. This has given rise to many products for pain management, treatments and ways to deal with back pain, such as pain relievers (painkillers) and various types of therapies. One such device that you could use to help with pain relief from back pain is the Backrack.

Treat The Cause of Back Pain Safely at Home!

The Backrack is a medical device created to help people treat their back pain at home. It comes from the medical experts at Harley Street with years of experience under their belt. This therapeutic device is MDA approved and it is being used by Chiros and Physios to help their patients with back pain. Thousands of people have already seen relief from using the Backrack, so why not be one of them?

It is small, compact, unique and effective all at once. Making it easy to set up at home and follow along with the exercises provided for it not requiring any additional help.

What makes the Backrack unique is its design and function. It strictly follows the natural curvature of the human spine making it excellent for treating spinal misalignment. The rows on the rack come attached with special wooden balls. These balls are distributed at key areas to target specific points in the back. All of this makes the Backrack fit for managing pain in any region of the back.

It works the following way. When you lay on the rack, the movements that result while you’re performing the designated exercises massage your spine with the help of the nodules, stretching it out, and creating additional space in-between the vertebrae.

This medical marvel is not limited to one use case either. It covers a wide range of back deformities and conditions such as low back pain, chronic back pain, sciatic nerve pain, spasms of the back muscles, and others.

Please note: if your symptoms do not improve and your pain lasts for longer than a period of a few weeks, if something seems to make your pain worse, or your experience a sudden onset of additional symptoms such as fever, numbness in the back or limbs, or even loss of bladder or bowel control, please seek medical help from a qualified healthcare professional.

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