Non Invasive Back Pain Treatment

Treating back pain could be quite complicated sometimes, but knowing what causes back pain is the first step to solving the issue.


There are various methods and approaches to spinal pain, most of which focus on treating only the pain symptoms, and thus, making people experience pain episodes over and over again.


Needless to say, some options are more invasive than others. Here, we’ll take a look at various non surgical treatments for back pain and how you can heal your back with an efficient and a non-invasive way.

What Causes Back Pain?

The back is supported by a spinal column which is made of cylindrical bones that are stacked on top of each other. These bones are called vertebrae and they are cushioned by discs that are placed in-between each vertebra.


These discs are there to increase movement and help absorb shocks that arise from everyday life, and which might be directed at the bones of the spine instead.


The spinal column serves an important purpose. Other than providing support, it also houses the spinal cord, which connects the brain to various organs and parts of the body through nerve roots. Mostly, when people experience pain, it has to do with something related to the nerve roots, as they are responsible for carrying pain signals.


Back pain is most common in the lower spine, also known as the lumbar region, as it supports the weight of the whole upper body. The other two regions are the cervical (middle) and thoracic (upper) regions. There are also two types of pain, namely chronic pain and acute pain.


Problems in the back, whether they occur in the upper, middle, or lower region, may arise due to many reasons and risk factors, such as working conditions that require frequent use of the spine, improper posture (sitting, running etc.), obesity, age and sometimes even smoking. Some factors, such as ageing, can’t be avoided, but that doesn’t mean the pain can’t be dealt with.

How To Treat Back Pain?

As previously stated, there is a verity of pain management and treatment options that can be used to treat back pain.

Painkillers and medicine such as NSAIDS are some of the most common pain treatments. People tend to rely on pain medicine a bit too much as they offer immediate relief, but that relief is only temporary, as the true purpose of pain medications is to mask the pain while the body repairs itself or other methods are being carried out.

Spine surgery and spinal injections are other methods that can be employed. However, these methods are more drastic, and surgery is only considered during extreme cases.

Many cases of back conditions like sciatica, low back pain, herniated discs, postural problems and spinal compression can be solved without going through this latter route. Alternative treatments may also be effective for such cases.

The last and also the most non-invasive option is that of physical therapy. Physical therapy (physiotherapy) and rest go a long way for treating your back pain, but nothing does it better than the Backrack Device.

Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment

The Backrack is a clinically tested, MDA approved medical device that excels in treating back pain using spinal decompression therapy. This innovative tool helps you deal with many spinal conditions such as sciatica, herniated disc, spinal compression, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, or postural disorders. It is free from side effects and has already helped thousands of people live pain-free again. Why not be one of them yourself?

How Backrack Helps Relieve and Prevent Pain

In short, the design and shape of the Backrack allow for a targeted approach that works directly on the source of the pain, regardless of the spinal condition that is affecting you.


The rack comes with rows of wooden nodules attached to it. The frame is structured for easy use and simplicity so you can easily rest your back on the rack without any extra effort. The unique ‘S’ shape of the device along with those nodules helps it treating the root cause of back pain. It does that as you engage in some simple exercises that work on each region of the spine. The movement that is created through these exercises allows for the nodules to push into your back and massage it.


This has the added effect of pushing your vertebrae back into their original space, lengthening the spine, and ensuring that no nerve roots are trapped anymore, offering long-term pain relief. It also works even on cases of chronic back pain. In other words, when the cause is addressed, the pain improves or goes away altogether.


That being said, the Backrack offers a risk-free non-invasive approach to back pain reduction and treatment that is available to use from the comfort of your own home, whether you suffer from lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain, pain along the back muscles, or even pain along the legs or arms.

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