One Simple Orthopaedic Device to Treat Back Pain At Home

A middle-aged person was once asked about what kind of problem in his body is the most painful and irritating. He replied immediately that it is the back pain.

It’s quite true if we ponder why people regard spinal pain as deadly pain, and that is because it feels like complete death. It’s like someone punching and pinching you again and again.

Do you know that your back is constantly at work regardless of your actions? Your back supports your body all the time no matter what you are doing so the pain is constant and unbearable most of the times.

Understand the Symptoms & Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can be easily treated but sometimes things do get complicated. Most of the times people suffer from back pain because of muscle contractions or injury when the muscle gets hurt. This can also lead to muscle spasms, which are involuntary muscle contractions, which can become painful if they last for a long period of time.

The pain mostly fades away with time and appropriate treatment. People often tend to treat back pain at home through several measures and home remedies. However, it’s still better to understand the cause and symptoms of back pain before trying any remedy.

You should be cautious if:

  • The back pain intensifies and is causing problems with your bladder and bowel.
  • The back pain is increasing with fever and/or flu.
  • The back pain is due to a dangerous and high fall.
  • Your back pain is not steady and is going down your legs. The problem may be severe if it goes down to your knees.
  • It’s causing immense weakness to an extent that you are unable to eat or drink properly.
  • You are losing a good amount of weight without any specific problem.

These symptoms should not be ignored. They can be caused by severe underlying problems and lead to chronic pain.

Understand Some Common Causes of Back Pain

  • Muscle or ligament movement. Sometimes when you lift heavy objects or when you go through a sudden movement, one or more of your back muscles get strained. They get stretched in an awkward way which causes pain.
  • Damaged discs. Spinal discs are kind of a soft cushion between two bones; they can get damaged or ruptured in a problematic way by any kind of back injury. They are quite fragile compared to other body segments, and can get affected easily. Additionally, when they become damaged they can pinch nearby nerve roots and trigger pain sensations.
  • Spinal stenosis. This is a spinal problem where the canal through which the spinal cord passes becomes narrower, and can lead to the pinching of the cord, leading to serious symptoms.
  • Nerve compression. Nerve roots that branch out of the spinal canal can sometimes become pinched and cause pain. They often occur due to a disc or bone spur pressing against them, as well as spinal compression.

There are many more causes of back pain. Most of them can be fully treated but some are not. For this reason it is recommended to talk to your doctor and obtain a formal diagnosis before proceeding with any treatment or pain management. Once that has been confirmed, you may consider one or more of the treatment options mentioned below.

Back Pain Treatment at Home

It’s important to understand that the pain can only be treated at home if it is caused by disc problems, slight bone dislocations or compression of the spine. It can never be cured by home remedies if it’s because of serious problems such as fracture or broken vertebrae, certain serious infections or cancer.

Do you think it is possible to ease bone problems with massage, ointments, painkillers or wearing a back brace (for lower back pain)? Yes, these will soothe the pain temporarily, but it will come back soon with more intensity, and low back pain is particularly prone to returning.

An appropriate treatment is needed to treat or prevent the pain. One such treatment is the use of an orthopaedic device called the Backrack. It helps relieve many causes of back pain through simple exercises that are performed while laying down.

How Backrack Treats and Prevents Back Pain

The Backrack is an orthopaedic device that uses patented technology to safely and effectively decompresses your spine, providing long-term relief and prevention from back and neck pain. On top of relieving pain, it helps with posture correction and helps improve spinal range of motion. It is 100% natural, comfortable, and free of side-effects. Thousands of people have already seen its benefits, so why not be one of them?

Let’s review the features and benefits of this unique back pain relief machine:

  • Its “S” shape mirrors the natural curvature of the human spine, which gives your back a perfect fit and support.
  • You can easily lay down on the device and continue your exercises without any supervision or professional help.
  • Backrack works on your whole spine including cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions.
  • The device doesn’t only treat the symptoms but also the causes of pain with NO side effects.
  • It gently decompresses your spine and fixes your body posture.
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