Back Pain among Farmers – Risk Factors and Treatment

Chronic back pain is prevalent among farmers due to the physical demands of the profession. Farmers are supposed to do heavy weight lifting frequently and they have to push or pull heavy objects to complete their tasks.

Back injuries, either short term or chronic, are common among farmers. After the occurrence of one injury, your vertebral column requires special care to prevent further damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments and intervertebral discs.

Risk Factors for Developing Back Pain among Farmers

Some risk factors which make farmers more prone to suffer from lower back pain include (whether it’s acute low back pain or chronic pain):

Lifting Heavy Objects

Lifting objects frequently, which are heavier than 12 to 15 pounds, or repeatedly lifting even lighter things are a big risk factor for the development of back pain among farmers.

Awkward Body Posture

While working, body posture must be maintained in a proper way. Awkward posture causes muscle strain and pain.

Prolonged Driving

Long periods of continuous driving of heavy vehicles, i.e. trucks, tractors, and other farm equipment causes whole-body vibration and disruption in the natural forces of the spinal column resulting in chronic back pain.

Traumatic Injuries

Falls, slips and other types of traumatic injuries are linked with adverse work conditions of farming which are not good for the health of the back.

Both males and females are equally susceptible to develop work-related to back pain. The first episode of back pain happens usually between the age of 20 and 40.

Types of Back Injuries Occurring in Farmers

The following types of back injuries can happen among farmers:

Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries can happen due to the overexertion of the muscle tissues. Muscles are over contracted and resultantly muscle spasms take place due to overuse and over stressing of musculature. Proper rest must be taken to correct this condition.

Applying ice packs is a very effective modality of treatment for muscle injuries. You can also perform light stretching practice. In some cases, to ease muscle strains, muscle relaxants may prove helpful as well.

Tendon Injuries

Due to repetitive flexion and extension of certain groups of muscles, inflammation of the tendons happens, causing pain and swelling in the affected region. To correct this condition, you must take adequate rest and apply ice therapy. Anti-inflammatory drugs are also very effective for this condition.

Injuries of Vertebral Column

Due to frequent heavy weight lifting or poor posture, injuries to the vertebral column can also happen, often involving an intervertebral disc. Intervertebral discs provide a cushioning effect between two adjacent vertebrae. Due to damage to these vertebrae, this cushioning effect is lost. Disc herniation may happen in this situation, a condition in which the inner jelly-like material of the disc comes out of the outer ring-like structure.

This herniated disc may also exert pressure to the nerve root, causing pain, numbness and tingling sensations in the area of distribution of that nerve. This condition also causes difficulty in standing, sitting or even pain during minor movements. Vertebral column injuries are the most serious type of back injuries.

How to address injuries that stem from strenuous physical activities (like farming)

In some cases, when an injury occurs, and the person does not take proper rest and allow the injured part to heal, making the pain worse, it might be worth seeking assistance from a healthcare professional.
Checking the health of one’s back is detrimental for someone who works in farming, as something minor can easily lead to severe issues such as the development of spinal stenosis, damage to the spinal cord, or even compression fractures from prolonged stress sustained by the spine.

Depending on the issue of the sufferer, the specialist may advise for various methods to ease back pain, including physical therapy, along with resting, applying ice pack, or heat fomentation.

Measures to Reduce Risk of Back Injuries in Farmers

Apart from treatment, the following measures must be adopted to lessen the risk of back injuries among farmers, or even for preventing back pain from occurring in the first place:

  • Do not adopt awkward postures while working or standing for prolonged periods of time.
  • When you want to change direction, always turn with your feet and not at the waist to prevent a twisting motion.
  • Farmers must wear boots with good quality insoles to provide proper support to the ankles and lessen back pain. This will help in the maintenance of balance at your spinal column.
  • Adopt proper lifting techniques every time when lifting objects.
  • While picking up items, keep them close to your torso.
  • Avoid repetitive tasks and chores which involve poor posture.
  • You must use tools having long handles to enhance leverage and lessen the need to reach or bend.
  • If you want to move the objects, “push” the objects instead of “pulling” the objects.
  • While sitting in the seat of the tractor, adjust your seat in such a manner that your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • You may think of adjusting mirrors or cameras equipment to lessen the need for turn.
  • Change your equipment seat cushions with the new ones that contain adjustable lower back support, adjustable thigh support, and armrest.

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