Become a Certified Spinal Backrack Instructor
Training Course Level 1 - Basic

This full-day course is for all professionals, who are seeing patients with spinal misalignment and spinal disorders.

The aim of this training is to provide you with introductory knowledge on how to treat the root cause of their conditions, as well as improve and correct their posture.

The training covers the steps on how the Spinal Backrack System will be incorporated alongside manual therapy and different other exercises.

We will go in-depth to explain the importance of each exercise in terms of the performance of the movement and guide you to correct any spinal misalignment your patient may be facing so that you can help them regain their spinal mobility, flexibility, and get rid of any pain and stiffness.

The curriculum covers knowledge on spinal anatomy and that are specific for each segment of the spine.

It is assessed through a theoretical and practical exam at the end of the workshop.


Spinal Backrack Academy Level 1 - Introduction Course
Spinal Backrack Academy Level 1 - Introduction Course + 1 Backrack Device
Spinal Backrack Academy Level 1 - Introduction Course + 2 Backrack Devices

Spinal decompression is probably one of the oldest methods for back pain relief as it has been practised at least since the days of Hippocrates (370 BC – 460 BC), who is often called the Father of Medicine. He used a system of ropes and pulleys and a ladder to attempt to relieve his patients’ back pain. It must have been painful.

Luckily, we have come a long way since those days and modern advancements in medicine have allowed us to create not only painless, but highly effective methods to relieve pain caused by spinal problems.

Our founder and top spinal specialist at Spinal Backrack has perfected this treatment method and his extensive 45-year-long clinical experience has led him to create a highly-efficient, easy to use, portable method to address all sorts of back problems – that is the Backrack. It is the main tool used in all of our Academy Training Programmes for Professionals.

The first course focuses on the basic exercises that can be performed with the Backrack. Its curriculum covers the following:


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Our certifications allow you to expand your repertoire of skills and offer spinal decompression therapy as a service to help your clients fix their pain and postural problems. Starting with the Level 1 Qualification, work your way up to Level 3 to become an Advanced Spinal Decompression Instructor.

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