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Based on patented Backrack technology, the Backrack is a decompression device designed for home use to help you get back pain relief, safely without supervision in the comfort of your own home. It works on the whole spine (cervical,thoracic and lumbar regions) and through following a specially designed program of exercises the Backrack can treat not just the symptoms but the causes of back pain. It has a unique concept and application in back care. Backrack mirrors the natural curvature of the spine. As a result, the back is fully supported:

Designed by Harley Street specialists to help reduce your back pain
The benefits include:

  • Pain relief and stiffness
  • More flexibility and mobility
  • Complete relief from muscular pain and tension
  • Absolutely no side-effects
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Backrack™ is a unique worldwide product for back pain relief. Endorsed by world top spinal specialists and incorporating worldwide patented technology, it is truly a stand–-alone product in back care. Backrack™ tackles the cause of your back pain instead of masking the symptoms like other products, so you can expect lasting results helping you avoid the need for more aggressive forms of treatment, such as surgery. Medical professionals are now using Backrack™ to treat sciatic nerve and other lumber related problems where sports coaches & physiotherapists only recommend Backrack™ to relieve lower back pain.


The Backrack™ is for anybody that suffers from cervical (neck pain), thoracic (middle back), lumbar pain (lower back pain) or any of the symptoms associated by it.

Unlike costly ineffective on going treatments and devices that only mask the symptoms of back pain short-term, BackRack directly targets the cause so for just one investment, you can expect a long-lasting solution and a pain relief.

It helps reduce and prevent spinal conditions including


All back pain is caused by bone deformity directly linked to compression.

This is when your spine becomes squashed or shortened from its natural length.

Backrack™ works directly on the cause of back pain by decompressing your spine. By treating the cause rather than just the symptoms, you can banish back pain – for good. It has a unique concept and application in back care that ensures back pain relief.

If your condition is not listed or unsure if the Backrack is suitable for you? Contact us and we can advise

Who’s at the risk of developing Back Pain?

A number of significant factors can be named as ageing, genetics, work hazards, lifestyle, obesity, posture, pregnancy, and smoking. If these don’t surprise you then this will; you can even encounter a back pain with none of these risk factors. Prior prevention is the only element in such factors that can help.


Ageing over time is itself a factor for some patients. Wear and tear to the spine can lead to conditions like disc degeneration and spinal stenosis. This is followed by neck and back pain. That clearly means younger people are at lesser risk than individuals over the age ageing over 30 or 40. Disc-related disorders are commonly observed in patients ageing from 30 to 60. While osteoarthritis is commonly pain related syndrome that will strike people with.


Genetics are crucial in identifying back pains. The genetic component is evident in some of the spinal disorders. Degenerative disc disease is observed to have an inherited component when we talk about genetics.

Occupational Hazards

There are some jobs that follow a hazardous routine. It includes repetitive bending and lifting. People doing such jobs are at a high-risk factor for back related injuries. These may usually include professions like construction work, nursing, and few more. There is also an exception of higher risks of back pain to people who has a poor posture. That have longer job hours while constantly standing (a barber) or sitting back on a chair (software developer).

Sedentary Lifestyle

People with no or less physical activity are at the brink of back pain too. The occurrence of the pain becomes likely due to lack of regular exercise. Such patients develop severity of the pain than usual patients.

Excess Weight

Overweight is a major contributor towards back pain by increasing stress on the back and other joints. That may lead to further side effects for special category back pain symptoms.

What Can Go Wrong with the Lower Spine?

Bending and twisting of everyday life activities is only possible due to a healthy working spine. The spine is a weightlifter of the upper body. While flexing and rotating of the hips while walking is controlled by muscles in the lower back. These also support the human spinal column. Legs, feet, and pelvis get their sensations and power from nerves down the lower back. Injury to the ligaments, joints, discs or muscle tension may result in chronic low back pain that can further make the pain worse. The result of an injury sends a healing response to the body through mobilising. This inflammation might be healing but can cause a severe pain that will need an immediate medical advice.

Due to a large network of nerves overlapping it becomes difficult for the brain alone to realise the exact cause of the pain. This due to a large system that includes the formation of discs, muscles, and ligaments. Consequently sensing becomes difficult for the brain. For example, sciatica pain a type of acute low back pain caused due to a problem to the sciatic nerve (a large nerve running down hips and back of the leg). Inflammation may come from this pain or a pulled muscle in the same area. Muscles and ligaments usually heal rapidly but sciatica pain relief may be difficult to maintain. The course of time determines how the doctor is going to treat back pain.

There are many things that can go wrong with the spine, but, in essence, up to 98% of all back pain is either caused by, or directly linked to, compression. That is the term used to describe the spine when it becomes squashed, or shortened from its natural length.

Root Causes of Back Compression

Gradual Wear and Tear on the bones and tissues with the passage of time can be addressed as the basic cause of Back Compression.

There are some definite factors contributing to back compression. That occurs suddenly and rapidly regardless of age. These can be well categorised as:


Sciatic nerve is the Punisher in this case. Direct compression on the sciatic nerve can cause a form of radiculopathy. An intense burning like sensation down the back combining buttocks pain and back of the leg. Often reaching for the foot. The nerve is large lining down the buttocks reaching all the way down to the back of the leg. Things worsen when pain combines numbness and weakness in the muscle. This becomes possible due to blockade nerve signals. A tumour knows as the cyst is also known to cause such condition by pressing the sciatic nerve and surrounding roots.

Herniated or Ruptured Disc

Compression and Bulging outward (herniation) of intervertebral discs causing the lumbago.

Neck or Cervical Pain

The cervical spine can support ahead with the weight of 15 pounds or more. It is a complex structure with greater flexibility as compared to other regions of the spine. With such freedom of movement, it allows the head to be moved in several directions. This flexibility can often bring along pain and injury due to a number of reasons including compression.

Hip Pain

Buttocks pain can be easily identified when a person moves or walks with a limp. This pain is a result of the pinched nerve in the hip following a burn or tingle. Tissue pressing on the nerves usually bring along tingling sensations and weakness. This is due to the usage of back muscles in place of the leg and thigh muscles. I aim to lift large, heavy objects a herniated disc can occur. Twisting and turning can lead to the problem too. A blow to the back or sudden fall is seen to cause the herniated disc.

BACKRACK™ – Say Good Bye to Ouch moments Once and forever!

If we can decompress the spine, we can treat the causes, and hence the symptoms, of back pain.

The recent advancement and technology have made possible the birth of a convenient tool for back decompression. The treatment is finally here for all roots of back pain with the name of ‘Backrack™’. This handy spinal decompression device is the lifesaver of millions due to its vast applications in back pain treatment. Back pain is common among people throughout the world. We all have an encounter with this pain at some point in our lives. Times can become difficult when the pain arises.


The design is quite familiar to the healthy human spine. It is more structured and flexible. The rack is well built with An ‘S’ shape in the making. It consists of waves structured up and down throughout in a straight line. A frame gives it the overall rack shape and provides support and stability with respect to the floor.


Stability is crucial in dealing back compression which strictly applies to this product. This helps in relieving the tension of the muscles formation of the spine. If stability is not well maintained it will result in further injury or misalignment. This is where the product becomes useful by providing a structured support.


If your condition is worse it might be difficult for you in the beginning to use the ‘Backrack™’. You will be required to get down on the ground in a stable position. You will then be required to move aside gently on the rack and sit on the wooden ridge. This is where the spherical wooden balls show their magic by automatically positioning themselves on either side of your spine. The spine would then get the support from the wooden nodules all the way up to the neck. At this point, you will be required to keep your knees bent by lying your body comfortably on the rack. Maybe imagine a sunny vacation on an exotic resort. Just sit back and relax. At first, it will bring along some discomforts due to the solidity. But as time progresses your spine will automatically ease itself in accordance with the rack. The best feature of the product is it’s all in all build not only for lumbar but thoracic and cervical areas.


Whatever may be the risk factors of developing the pain ‘Backrack™’ surprisingly ease them all. A product of patented technology is a winner when it comes to pain management. Designed specifically to decompress the back of all the spinal complications it helps you get lumbar pain relief. An outstanding convenience of this product is its safe use with or without a supervision. It is handy to use in the comfort of your own home working on the whole spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions). It is designed to make go not only the symptoms but the causes of the pain. This can be done by following a specifically designed program of exercises. To start with, however, we recommend that you use it every other day, and for relatively short periods of time (perhaps 5-10 minutes per session). The spine is fully supported due to its unique application that ease back pain. It is a product that mirrors the natural curvature of the spine.

If your condition is not listed or unsure if the Backrack is suitable for you? Contact us and we can advise
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Weight 5 kg


SIZE LARGE [1.75m and 2.00m tall (5′ 9″ to 6′ 6″)], SMALL [1.55m and 1.75m TALL (5′ 1″ to 5 9″)]


2 Backrack™ Exercises To Banish Lower Back Pain, Sciatica or Leg Pain

Spinal Backrack - 1st Basic Exercise - Starting position & Single Leg Raise

Spinal Backack - 2nd Basic Exercise - Double Leg Raise

Spinal Backack - 1st Advanced Excercises - Double Leg Raise with Tilt

Backrack™ - How to use it Demo -

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Spinal Backack - 2nd Advanced Exercises - Stomach Crunch

Spinal Backack - 3rd Advanced Exercises - Lean Back (with Tilt)

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Videos - Neck and Cervical Exercises

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James Tomkies - MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist - presents an Innovative Back Pain Treatment - Backrack presentation made by Prof. Dr Walter Bini

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Weight 5 kg

LARGE [1.75m and 2.00m tall (5′ 9″ to 6′ 6″)], SMALL [1.55m and 1.75m TALL (5′ 1″ to 5 9″)]