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Do you want to learn about the Spinal Backrack and help your patients relieve their pain?

Join us on the course where we will be discussing in detail the structure of the Level 1 Course dedicated to professionals.

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About the Course

Discover the effective utilization of the Spinal Backrack System to assist patients with spine disorders and posture improvement, drawing from over 45 years of clinical experience.

Crafted by leading spine specialists and bolstered by the expertise of Spine Backrack’s instructors and rehabilitation specialists, our 8-hour Level 1 Foundation course is meticulously designed. It aims to provide professionals with an advanced understanding of the principles and techniques crucial for effectively integrating the Spinal Backrack System into rehabilitative, corrective, and functional settings.

This comprehensive training not only imparts knowledge about the Spinal Backrack System but also covers the strategic incorporation of the system alongside manual therapy and various other exercises, ensuring a holistic approach to patient care.

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Course Structure

Course Qualification

At the end of the course, there is a final exam that consists of 2 tests:

1. Written

The knowledge on spinal health and spinal decompression techniques that you have accumulated throughout this course will be assessed through a written test as part of the final exam.

2. Practical

The practical test requires that you demonstrate the practical skills you have acquired through this course. You will be given a fictional scenario of a patient that needs treatment for a specific spinal problem.

Each candidate is required to pass the written exam in order to obtain a certificate that is fully-accredited by CIMSPA.

Upon obtaining your qualification, you are now able to practice as a certified Backrack Instructor and provide Backrak spinal decompression treatment to your patients/clients. Obtaining the Level 1 certification enables you to progress to the intermediate level of this course series, which provides you with further qualifications and benefits.

Who is eligible to attend?

Available dates

06th of July 2024


From 9:30 AM until 5:30 PM


Online via Zoom



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Advance Your Career

Each one of our courses is fully accredited by CIMSPA and provides you with a certification upon successful completion, which requires that you pass the final written, oral and practical tests.

Our certifications allow you to expand your repertoire of skills and offer spinal decompression therapy as a service to help your clients fix their pain and postural problems.

Additionally, you can further progress and expand your skill by pursuing the Intermediate and Advanced qualification levels, which offer you additional skills and benefits.

Starting with the Level 1 Qualification, work your way up to Level 3 to become an Advanced Spinal Decompression Instructor.

Looking for a more advanced course?

Try one of our other courses for professionals.

*You can only progress to an advanced level once you have completed the pre-requisite for each course.

Industry Leading Professional Development

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