Rehabilitation Session with Backrack, a Back Decompression Device

Steve Schofield, BodyweightGurus Master Trainer, has described his experience while he used the Backrack with his patients for a rehabilitation session:

“Rehabilitation session with surfer @kellysayssurf utilising the Backrack
I am working on posture with the back rack, but also through tri-planar movement and trigger point therapy. As well as this looking to strengthen specific areas which are needed as well as maintaining flexibility and mobility of joints.”

What is the Backrack?

The Backrack is an orthopaedic device that is used for non surgical spinal decompression therapy that can be safely used at home.

Decompression therapy itself is a treatment modality for the relief of back pain, neck pain, stiffness along the spine, and reduced range of motion in the back. It stretches out your spine to restore the space that should naturally exist between vertebrae. When there isn’t sufficient space in your spine, spinal nerve roots may become trapped, which then triggers pain signals.

There are two main types of spine decompression, namely, surgical spinal decompression, or spinal decompression surgery, and non surgical decompression.

There are other devices for spine decompression, that mainly rely on traction therapy, also referred to as back traction or spinal traction, and require traction devices to decompress your spine. These devices pull on your spine in order to decompress it.

The Backrack device, on the other hand, pushes into your spine instead, massaging it, and reducing pressure. Apart from reducing pain caused by conditions associated with compression of the spine such as sciatica, spinal stenosis, degenerating spinal discs, bulging or herniated discs, it also reduces pain caused by tense muscles.

It also allows you to either target specific back segments, such as the lower back, thoracic spine, or cervical spine, providing targeted lumbar decompression, thoracic decompression and cervical decompression, or you can target the entire back, or two sections at a time.

Get Backrack To Keep Your Back Happy!

The Backrack is an orthopaedic device that uses patented technology to safely and effectively decompress your spine, providing long-term back and neck pain relief and prevention. On top of relieving pain, it helps with posture correction and helps improve spinal range of motion. It is 100% natural, comfortable, and free of side-effects. Thousands of people have already seen its benefits, so why not be one of them?
Steve Schofield Reviewing Backrack
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