Six Easy Ways to Relieve Back Pain at Home

Back pain can make everything feel more difficult, and when it is severe, it can even prevent you from being as active as you’d like.

There are all kinds of reasons why people experience back pain, and all different muscles and areas in the back that can be affected. With some problems like sciatica, the pain can also affect other parts of the body like the legs and feet, and upper back pain can cause headaches and neck pain, too.

If you are experiencing back pain that isn’t severe enough to seek medical help with, but is causing you trouble, then here are six easy ways to get some relief at home through a mixture of home remedies and other treatment options:

1.Heat Pads

When the pain is muscular, heat can do a lot of good. Soaking in a hot bath can provide some relief, but obviously this isn’t always practical.

Heated pads designed for use on aching muscles can make a lot of difference, and you can even get pads designed to be worn under your clothing, which you can use at work, as well as electric pads you can use when you are at home or even in bed.

If you don’t have a heat pad, you can improvise and use a hot water bottle instead.

Whether you are using a heating pad or a bottle, make sure it is not applied directly on the skin, but rather that it is wrapped in a layer of cloth.

Another way you can use heat to help with the pain is to use heating creams that can give the same effect even in deep back muscles and help you feel better.

2. Cold Packs

On the other hand, cold packs or ice packs can also help reduce back pain. Applying ice can help relieve inflammation that is often associated with back and neck pain.

Just like heating pads, it is not advised to apply cold packs directly on the skin, but rather to have them wrapped in a layer of cloth to avoid harming your skin.

3. Adjust your posture

Because oftentimes poor postural practices can lead to back pain, making some adjustments to your workspace can help improve your posture, and ultimately your pain.

If you spend long hours sitting down at your desk, ensure you have proper support for your back, and avoid slouching. If you work on a computer, try to adjust the screen so that it is at eye level and you don’t have to constantly bend your neck forward and look down, which can strain your neck.

Additionally, it is also recommended that you mind your posture throughout the day as you perform other activities as well, and not necessarily only when you are sitting down at the desk.

4. Stretching & Exercise Programs

Sometimes, back pain like sciatica can be caused by tightness in the muscles, which can occur from spending too much time sitting down, having bad posture, and various other reasons.

A good way to alleviate this kind of pain is to stretch out these muscles daily. There are lots of different stretches designed to help different back problems, and there are ones that can be done standing, sitting or lying down, so even if you have mobility issues you should be able to find a stretching regime that can help you. For best results, do your stretches for 30 seconds or more each, two or three times a day.

5. Physical therapy

You can work with a physical therapist to address any stiffness or pain in your back and to improve your posture.

6. Use a spinal decompression device

Spinal compression is a highly overlooked cause of back problems, and as such it is oftentimes not being addressed. When your spine is compressed, the vertebrae of the spine become squashed and your spine shortens. As such, they can press on other spinal structures such as discs and nerve roots, and ultimately trigger the pain.

To reverse this process, you can now use a special tool called the Spinal Backrack, to decompress your spine from the comfort of your own home by following a tailored exercise programme that works for your specific problem.

Spinal Backrack - An Easy Way To Treat Back Pain Naturally!

The Backrack is an orthopaedic device that safely and effectively decompresses your spine, providing long-term pain relief and prevention from back and neck pain. Given its design, it targets the entire length of the spine, ensuring all problem areas are relieved from pain. It is 100% natural, comfortable, and free of side-effects. Thousands of people have already seen its benefits, so why not be one of them?

If your back pain does not improve, gets worse, or other symptoms start to appear despite trying these home remedies, as well as other approaches such as a short period of bed rest or using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, it may be worth seeking medical advice and obtaining a diagnosis in case there is an underlying health condition that might be leading to your persistent pain.

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