Spinal Decompression Therapy with Spinal Backrack

What Really is Spinal Decompression?

Before we discuss the spinal decompression therapy, you need to know what spinal compression is. From a medical point of view, when your spine becomes squashed or shortened from its natural length, it is called spinal compression. It is a deformity of the spine where your vertebrae become compressed.

Additionally, this compression creates a negative pressure that leads to discomfort and pain for the sufferer.

According to a study, spinal compression is the underlying cause of most back pains. That is why a spinal decompression process helps relieve most back pains.

Spinal compression can also lead to the onset of various spinal disorders, such as spinal stenosis, problems with the spinal discs such as degenerative disc disease, a slipped spinal disc, herniated discs, bulging discs, neck pain, sciatica, leg pain, compression of spinal nerves or spinal cord compression, low back pain, altered spinal structure, and others.

Spinal Decompression Therapy Explained

Additionally, when the spinal cord or nerves are compressed, this can lead to back pain.

However, as mentioned above, the effect of compression, which leads to many types of back pain, can be removed through Spinal Decompression treatments. Thus, spinal decompression sessions aims to reverse the compression of the vertebrae, relieve pain, and relieve pressure both on the spinal nerve and vertebrae as well as intradiscal pressure. This will allow your spine to be stretched and relaxed, so that all the tension is removed from your back.

It must also be mentioned that spinal decompression treatments can be split into two categories: both surgical decompression and nonsurgical spinal decompression.

Like all surgical procedures, surgical spinal decompression therapy carries a risk of Failed-Back-Syndrome or post-surgical complications.

Up to one in three people continue to have symptoms after surgery or develop symptoms again within a few years of surgery.

Recurrent symptoms, most of the time, can be caused by a weakened spine, or another slipped disc.

There are some more common risks associated with spinal decompression surgery, such as infection, excessive bleeding, blood clots, allergic reaction to anesthesia and nerve or tissue damage. It is very difficult to tell who will benefit from decompression surgery.

As such, a non surgical spinal decompression therapy programme can be much more beneficial than spinal surgery.

The Spinal Backrack

Relieve Back Pain By Performing Easy Backrack Exercises!

The Spinal Backrack, an innovative technology in spinal care helps you decompress your spinal column naturally through a specially designed program of simple exercises. It is a patented class I medical device that is safe to use at home and is 100% natural as it uses your body weight to perform decompression exercises, gently stretching the spine. It has been designed with people like you in mind to offer you the best possible comfort and results so that you can live pain free. Join thousands of people who have already seen a great improvement in their spinal health after using the Backrack.

This technology is the outcome of the 45 years of clinical experience of Mr. Bogdan Lukinski, specialist in spine rehabilitation. The Backrack device is clinically tested and endorsed by world top spine specialists to treat and prevent almost all common back pains at home. The Backrack device works on the whole spine by gently decompressing every single individual vertebra of your spine. It is a nonsurgical spinal decompression form of treatment.

Because the device uses body weight, when you perform the Backrack exercises, all the wooden nodules fitted in this device put gentle pressure on your vertebrae, so your spine starts getting back to its original length and shape naturally. Once the spine aligns back to its natural position, the pain goes away.

Unlike many other treatment modalities, Backrack provides long-term back pain relief and comfort without using any medicine or painkillers, and can be used alongside other non invasive treatment forms such as physical therapy.

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