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silvia rossi testing backrack

Dr. Silvia Rossi treating her patients with the use of Backrack

Dr. Silvia Rossi – working at – is using the Backrack to help her patients treat and cure back pain problems like sciatica, neck pain, lower back pain and many others. Below some photos of the exercises that the patients are doing.  
Bogdan M. Luklinski demonstrating backrack.

Bogdan Luklinski Comments On “Non-invasive Spinal Options Set New Standard in Treatment and Rehabilitation”

Hands-On Alternatives Despite the fact that HBOT provides a competent treatment of spinal disorder, a more common method might appeal to therapists looking for a more hands-on alternative. Suggesting that the traditional tried and tested method generally works best, Luklinski said that mobilization is a procedure involving a small oscillatory movement of varying amplitudes combined with a manual rotation .