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Is Walking Good for a Compressed Spine?

Walking can indeed be beneficial for a compressed spine. However, walking alone alone may not be enough to treat a compressed spine. It would help if you also considered other treatment options.


Pilates for Back Pain Relief – Benefits and Exercise Examples

Pilates for back pain can be beneficial not only for pain relief, but also for improving your spinal mobility and strength. The best way to get relief from back or neck pain with Pilates exercises is to combine them with the Backrack.


Spinal stenosis exercises to reduce pain

Back and neck pain that occurs due to spinal stenosis can be alleviated through exercises that decompress the region of the spine where the stenosis is present.

Bulging/Herniated disc

Herniated Disc Exercises for Pain Relief

Gentle exercises that focus on strengthening and stabilizing and decompressing the back are recommended to relieve pain caused by herniated discs.


Lower back and hip pain exercises you can do at home

Provided that you pain in this region isn’t caused by anything serious, exercises are some of the best approaches to help speed up recovery, as they are non-invasive and offer multiple benefits. Needless to say, exercises can be tailored to the sufferer’s need and can be performed at a pace that is comfortable for the person.

Back pain

A Natural, Non-Invasive Way to Relieve Back Pain

The Backrack is a non-invasive way to relieve back pain as it works on the core of the problem, rather than just the symptoms. It treats your spine through spinal decompression therapy.