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Lower Back Pain in Athletes

Some persons have a higher risk of having acute and chronic back injuries due to their lifestyle of such kind which is not very good for their back. Athletes are also included in this category the people of which have to suffer from the lumbar injuries more than the ordinary population. No matter, if the sport you are involved .

Waking Up with a Stiff Back Every Morning?

Back pain is usually the morning alarm for many people, causes them to wake up early due to the discomfort. Morning pain rarely occurs due to a serious problem. There are many causes of back pain that can be treated by yourself if you take some measures on your own. Sometimes, simple things like changing your sleeping patterns can .

Why You Should Not Take “Back Pain” For Granted

Did you know that every third person suffers from soul torturing immense back pain? And every second person ignores it. People usually think that backache is just a normal ache, that will fade off after some time but they should know that sometimes back pain is just the indicator of many more fatal diseases. Yes, you read it right! .

Tension Headache – When Neck Pain Causes Headache

Neck pain transferred to your head is not a normal headache. This type of severe headache is called “tension headache.” Know the Soul Cause of Tension Headache The cause of this kind of headache lye in the neck. It is due to the muscles around your skull. At the very base of your head (skull) there are some muscles .

Turning Good Posture into Less Back Pain

If you have stumbled upon this post, you must be suffering from some kind of back pain, and eagerly looking for solutions to improve it. But before treating back pain, you must first understand why it happens in the first place. You’ll be surprised to know that back pain is one of the most common problems faced by people .

Discover A Well-founded Treatment for Lower Back Pain!

You might be familiar with a doctor’s recommendation to stay physically fit if you are on lower back pain. It is a form of self-treatment that is obtained from clinical guidelines regarding back pain. A research study has been founded in favor of walking as an evident option for people on low back pain, preventing any further recurrence. The .

Lower Back Pain Influenced Breathing Patterns

As the basic knowledge of the core states that proper lumbopelvic stabilisation improves continuously, the understanding of the function of diaphragm’s as postural muscle also improves. It is understood that the diaphragm always contracts due to inspiration. This results in an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and stiffness in the lumbar spine. Activities, stability is maintained in all directions. This .

How Industrial Workers Can Treat and Prevent Back Pain?

There are many jobs that require handling, lifting, pushing and carrying heavy items. Industrial workers or labour at cargo ships, hospitals, factories, construction and many other industries handle weight every day. Frequent weightlifting practise can result in musculoskeletal injuries i.e. strains and sprains, spasm of back muscles and many other types of disorders including sciatic nerve injury. There is .

How To Help Your Back This Winter

Human body is blessed with the intrinsic ability to adjust with the changing climate but within its capacity. There are chances that you may get some health-related issues or back problems, especially you had been affected by a backache earlier in your life too. Back Problems Obsereved in Winter Winter may trigger the following back problems: 1) Hypothermia Every .