Spine Back Rack is a proud gold partner of Backcare

Spine Back Rack is a proud gold partner of the BackCare Charity. According to the national library of medicine, It has been estimated that about 80% of population  is suffering from some kind of  back pain and neck pain in their lifetime.

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Spine Back Rack, founded by the President Mr Bogdan Luklinski ,mission is to destroy back pain myths for good.

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Discover Back Pain Relief - Discover Backrack Device!

Now back pain can be conveniently relieved at home without using any medicine.

BackRack  is a unique worldwide product for the treatment of back pain. Endorsed by world top spinal specialists and incorporating worldwide patented technology, it is truly a stand-alone product in back care. BackRack™ tackles the cause of you back pain instead of masking the symptoms like other products, so you can expect lasting results helping you avoid the need for more aggressive forms of treatment, such as surgery.

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