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An interesting review by Steve Schofield from East Coast Calisthenics gym helping his clients posture and spine realignment!

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Recently I attended the Elite sports performance and rehabilitation expo at the Excel in London. We came across so many innovative products that are on the market, until we came across the team at @spinebackrack The backrack differs from alot of products on the market, reason being as it allows the spine to be physically suspended in the channel, which then allows the nodules to apply pressure to the spinal muscles to release any tightness you may have in the Lumbar (L1-L5) Thoracic (T1-T12) or Cervical spine (C1-C7). Not only does the backrack release tension but also allows the spine and neck to decompress preventing back pain. The man behind this fantastic invention, Mr. B.M. Luklinski is an expert in spinal rehabilitation, with almost 40 years of clinical experience. Having used this myself it highlighted very quickly which areas are specifically tight, and with the the series of exercises which do come with the Backrack, I noticed after a few minutes the tightness had decreased and giving me a better range of movement, also opening up the nerve pathway in this area. As an athlete myself, I shall be using the Backrack to aid my recovery from workouts to maintain optimum spinal heath and ROM, but also with my clients to assist with posture, injury or to lengthen and decompress the spine. The Backrack can be used by anyone, whether it be at home or at work and is great for fixing and maintaining spinal health. However a few contraindications to be aware of, the Backrack should not be used if you have severe scoliosis, pregnant, have any vertebral fracture or spinal disease/infection. You can get your very own Backrack which does come in two different sizes based on the individuals height, at Also we are happy to give you a 10% discount, simply use the code BWGURUS10

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