Stress-Related Back Pain – Treatment & Prevention

Back pain could be due to many reasons such as improper posture, lifting too much weight or age. However, not many people would expect it to be due to stress. It is actually quite true that stress can lead to or worsen back pain. The diagnosis of this disease is psycho-physiological since physical symptoms are a result of the psychological condition of the person. Stress could initiate back pain and it also is the cause of persistence in back pain for extended periods of time.

Diagnosis of Stress-Related Back Pain

This idea is not widely accepted by doctors at the moment. It is likely that your physical practitioner might not even attribute your back pain to the stress level. To diagnose this kind of back pain, the doctor has to rule out all other possible reason for back pain.

So, he or she will ask you different questions. After examination, they will rule out other factors like age, posture, deformity, etc. and then diagnose stress-related back pain. Once you are diagnosed, you have to look for ways to treat this condition because it could get worse over time.

Since medical procedures are focused on physical well-being largely, they will not help with stress-related pain. In the worst-case scenario, they will only put the patient under more stress and worsen the pain. Even today, there are many doctors who overlook the possibility of stress-related pain and the patient ends up suffering even more.

Physical Conditioning

A great way to tackle this problem is to exercise. Most people stop working out in this condition because their existing back pain does not let them exercise. Some people fear that they would make their back pain worse with exercise. Actually, when you start leading a sedentary lifestyle, the lower back muscles become used to it and that increase the back pain.

Walking is a good way to ensure the release of endorphins in the body. These hormones play a role in pain relief. Also, walking does wonder for treating your lower back pain. Once you build enough strength through walking, you can go on to stretching or extensive training.

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Since this back pain is due to stress, it is important to identify the cause of stress. It may be due to the conditions at your home, marital issues or stressful job. Most of the times, people are stressed due to their strained relationships or financial condition. After identifying the cause, work on solving the problem. As long as the stress remains, it will keep provoking more pain.

You can go to therapy or talk to a counselor about it. They will help you in coping with the stress in your life. Also, your therapist will understand your problem and help you in developing strategies for keeping stress at a minimum level. This will help in reducing your back pain.

In stress-related back pain, the patient feels improvement as stress is lowered so its treatment is much simpler. With proper guidance and a positive approach towards life, you will be able to reduce stress-related back pain.

Author: Spinal Backrack