Surprising Daily Habits that are Not Good for Your Back

Chronic neck pain is backache is not uncommon these days but the fact not realised by most of the persons is that your daily routine habits worsen your pain. Your muscles may be subjected to permanent slouching and other bad postures you are habitual to develop, which can cause chronic back pain. But when you replace your bad habits with healthy ones, you feel significant relief in your symptoms.

Some of your bad daily habits are mentioned below which are not good for your back:

Way of Exercising

There are various health benefits of exercise but the kind of exercise you are doing or not doing leaves a significant impact on your health. Weight-bearing exercises enhance the bone density in your vertebral column while the exercises focussing on your core cause the strengthening of your muscles of back and abdomen. While it is surprising to know that some of the popular workouts like cycling and spine classes may aggravate your neck and back problems because they are not suitable in some conditions of back.

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Your Dairy Dilemma

Calcium is mandatory for the health of the skeletal system and dairy products provide enough amount of calcium but if you do not take yogurt, cheese or milk inadequate amount due to lactose intolerance or any other issue, your bones become weak. Due to the softening of your bones, you may suffer from multiple painful pressure factors in your vertebral column. Green leafy vegetables and fish are rich in calcium. You must take 1000 to 1200 mg calcium daily according to the latest guidelines. If you are not taking enough calcium from dietary sources, you must take calcium supplements after taking advice from your doctor.

Un-Judicious Use Of Sunblock

Although applying sunblock to the skin is the best method to decrease the risk of skin cancer and prevent wrinkling of the skin. But the only mechanism of making an essential vitamin D of your body is when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium in the body. If you expose your body just for fifteen minutes to the sunlight in the morning, it boosts up the production of vitamin D. If your body is not synthesising vitamin D inadequate amount, calcium is not absorbed to the bones including the bones of the vertebral column. As a consequence, you may suffer from chronic back pain due to the weakening of spinal bones.

Addiction to the Cellular Phone

Do you think that you are addicted to the cellular phone? This addiction can lead to chronic neck and back pain. When you lean down to view at your screen, the upper part of your spinal column is in an over-flexed position due to the forward-head posture. This leads to the compression of intervertebral discs over a period of time.

Your Office Job

If you are an office worker and sit at your desk with poor ergonomics, you have to slouch over to do your work which causes lower back pain. To avoid this problem, you must adjust your work in such a way that your eyes are in the straight line with your computer screen while you are comfortably sitting in your chair. Your back must be provided with enough support and your feet must be lying flat on the floor. You are also advised to take frequent small breaks for walking if you have to sit continuously for several hours.

Medicine May Cause a Problem

There are certain medicines which cause the weakening of your bones, for example, the steroid medications. If you are taking the heavy does of the drug, it will affect your bones more accordingly. The vertebral column is also affected by such medicines, leading to many problems, i.e. increased tendency of fractures, bones deformities, etc. Which result in chronic back pain. Some drugs can reverse the osteoporosis caused by steroid drugs, that include bisphosphonates. If you are suffering from bone or spinal column related problems due to the effect of medicines, you can take them with the advice of your doctor.

The Way of Lifting your Babies and Pets

Improper way of lifting your pets or kids may exert undue stress on your vertebral column. There is a correct way of lifting the objects and also there is a wrong way. The right way is that while lifting the object, your feet must be apart according to the width of your shoulders and you must bend at your knees while lifting something. They must hold the object as to keep to your body as possible. If you lift objects, pets or your kids in an improper way, ultimately you harm your spinal column.

Your Love for a Statement Necklace

The statement necklaces can cause your neck and vertebral column in an over flexed position. Due to this poor posture of the neck and vertebral column, back and shoulder pain starts. If you really like such necklaces, wear them only for short periods of time.

Your Footwear with High Heels

Wearing shoes with high heels is a part of fashion. Although ladies love wearing these attractive showy shoes these shoes put your feet at an angle that enhances the tension in your vertebral column that leads to pain in the lumbar region of back, shoulder and neck pain. For the sake of better health of your back, you must avoid wearing these high heeled shoes frequently.

Guidelines to Keep Your Back in Good Condition

  1. Adjust your work station in such a manner that you can work comfortably there without straining your back.
  2. Perform proper workout for half an hour, four to five times per week.
  3. While sitting in a chair, your feet must be touching the floor and your knees and hips must be at the same level.
  4. When you are using a cellular phone, keep the device at the level of your eyes to lessen the stress from your neck and back.