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13 Ways to Treat Back Pain and Avoid Surgery

Back pain…you’ve had it for a while and after reading tons of material online, you are having nightmares that you might end up in surgery. But wait! That isn’t entirely true. Surgery is only necessary in very severe cases and usually, back pain resolves with simple yet effective treatments that you can easily do on your own. Surgery can .

1000 Words to Help Decide if Back Surgery is Right for You

Does your back always hurt? Pain that won’t go away is most commonly identified as chronic back pain. It’s is common practice for people living with severe pain to think and eventually go for a surgery. While it is a decision that purely your doctor and you can make. But a few things prior to surgery will help you .
How to avoid back surgery?


SURGICAL PROCEDURES FOR TREATING SPINAL CONDITIONS  by Mr B.M. Luklinski MSc Medical Rehabilitation; MSc Physical Education; Dip Home Med. One of the main purposes of our website is to inform the public of the dangers and fallacies related to spinal surgery. When I started my studies of the spine more than 30 years ago, I came to the conclusion .