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Back pain

What are some common back pain red flags?

When a nerve in the neck becomes trapped, it can lead to pain the neck, shoulders, and even headaches, along with muscle tension, stiffness, and potentially other symptoms as well.

no cause back pain
Back pain

No Cause Back Pain Explained

If you think you are suffering from back pain that seems to have been triggered for no reason, you are not alone. Sometimes condition that

Spinal Decompression

How To Effectively Deal With Backache

One of the best ways to deal with backache effectively from the comfort of your own home is to engage in spinal decompression therapy with the Spinal Backrack, an orthopaedic device designed to mirror the exact shape of the spine and correct deformities caused by compression of the spine.

Lower back pain

Natural Lower Back Pain Remedies

You may be experiencing lower back pain for a number of reasons. These might be because you have torn or strained a muscle or ligament.