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Spinal stenosis exercises to reduce pain

Back and neck pain that occurs due to spinal stenosis can be alleviated through exercises that decompress the region of the spine where the stenosis is present.

Middle Back Pain

Where is middle back pain located? – Spinal Backrack

The human spine consists of three main regions: the lumbar spine – corresponding to the lower back, the thoracic spine – corresponding to the middle of the back, and the cervical spine – corresponding to the neck. Middle back pain occurs in the thoracic spine, covering 12 vertebrae labelled T1 to T12.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Types and Causes

Neck pain occurs in the cervical spine region that is situated at the top of the spinal cord. The type of neck pain you can

Back pain

If You Have Back Pain Try Backrack Therapy First

If you want to go for a non-invasive yet effective method of treating back pain, that you can use in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, you have to take a look at the Backrack technology.