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Back pain

If You Have Back Pain Try Backrack Therapy First

If you want to go for a non-invasive yet effective method of treating back pain, that you can use in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, you have to take a look at the Backrack technology.

Spinal Decompression

How To Effectively Deal With Backache

One of the best ways to deal with backache effectively from the comfort of your own home is to engage in spinal decompression therapy with the Spinal Backrack, an orthopaedic device designed to mirror the exact shape of the spine and correct deformities caused by compression of the spine.

Back pain

Back Pain and Smoking – Are They Linked?

Back pain and smoking often go hand-in-hand as smoking enhances the activity of the brain that reduces the ability of the body to combat with chronic back pain.

Dealing with back pain when working from home
Back pain

How To Deal With Back Pain When Working From Home

Some simple ways to deal with back pain when working from home include fixing your posture, adjusting your work space, wearing a lumbar support belt and engaging in spinal decompression therapy.

Back pain

How Undiagnosed Back Pain Causes Suffering to Millions of People

Millions of people are currently suffering from undiagnosed back pain, and what makes it even worse is that medical professionals are not taking the problem seriously. Back pain can interfere not only with one’s ability to carry out everyday tasks, but it can also have an impact on emotional well-being.

economic cost of back pain
Back pain

The Economic Cost of Back Pain

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) stated that nearly 31 million workdays were lost in 2013 in the UK as a result of workers suffering from back problems, neck pain, and muscle ailments. On the flipside, minor illnesses, including the common cold or common cough, only accounted for about 27 million days lost from work.