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Bulging disc diagram

What is a Herniated Disc Exactly?

What is a herniated disc? If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, you might be wondering what this means. You may also believe, erroneously, that you will need an operation. Let’s start by explaining what a herniated disc is exactly. A herniated or slipped disc A herniated disc is often called a slipped disc. A disc is .
Herniated disc problem

Herniated Discs and Posture

Relationship between Herniated discs and Posture. Herniated discs and posture may be related in cause and symptomology.  Furthermore, good posture may be able to prevent herniated discs, while poor posture might facilitate their development. Posture is always a hot topic in the dorsalgia sector, with many specialists claiming it is the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy .
Normal disc vs bulging disc

HERNIATED DISCS – Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis The diagnosis for bulging and herniated discs can frequently be faulty because MRI scans upon which doctors and surgeons rely can only show about 25% – 40% of the patient’s condition – and even then the results of such scans are not necessarily indicative of the real problem affecting the patient. Scans can assist but they cannot provide .