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Bulging/Herniated disc

How to Treat Severe Disc Pain from Home

To treat severe disc pain, a combination of home remedies such as heat and ice therapy, pain medication, and exercise can be employed initially.

Degenerative Disc Disease

How to Manage Degenerative Spine Changes

While degenerative spine changes cannot be reversed, the symptoms they cause can be effectively managed to improve quality of life.

Bulging/Herniated disc

Can Spinal Discs Be Repaired?

If you are wondering whether spinal discs can be repaired, it must most likely be due to the fact that you wish to avoid invasive procedures such as a spinal fusion surgery. It must be said that while some disc problems may be fixed in a natural way, others can only be managed.


What is Spondylosis? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Core muscles play an important role in supporting our spine to keep our torso upright. When they become weak, they can place increased pressure on the spine, and lead to strain, as well as spinal compression.

Back pain

Burning Sensation in the Middle Back

A burning back sensation is the feeling of experiencing warmth or heat in the back, which may or may not have accompanying pain. In the majority of cases, this can be caused by spinal compression, but thankfully it can easily be treated at home, without resorting to any invasive procedures.

Degenerative Disc Disease

What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Spinal discs are intervertebral structures that are made out of a hard outer shell and a gel-like nucleus. They provide cushioning for the vertebrae and