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Back pain

Back Muscle Strength – Flexibility and Mobility

Having good mobility and strong core muscles can greatly enhance the quality of our daily lives and our ability to carry out everyday tasks. However, in some cases, when muscles of the back are exposed to stress, they can become injured and lead to a number of symptoms.

Back pain

How to Cope with Muscular Pain

Living with muscle aches and pains on a daily basis can disrupt your routine. There are many reasons why you may be having aching muscles along the back, including muscle overuse, injuries such as a strain, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and others. We’ve put together some tips to help those suffering from regular muscular pain to cope.

Back pain

Four Ways to Prevent and Relieve Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness and stiffness can be caused by a whole range of things. Sometimes your muscles can be sore and stiff due to overuse, for example if you’ve embarked on a huge hike the day before. Other times, muscles feel stiff and sore after a workout – which is a good sign!
Having to live with painful, tight muscles on a daily basis is never a nice experience, which is why we’ve put together these tips to help you relieve your symptoms.