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Thoracic back pain.

Symptoms of Thoracic Back Pain

Thoracic back pain is pain that occurs in the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is located at the back of the chest (the thorax), mostly between the shoulder blades. The thoracic spine comprises the twelve vertebrae to which the ribs attach and could, therefore, be described as the “upper back” region. Symptoms of Thoracic pain include: Stiffness Limited range of motion Muscle spasms Thoracic nerve pain symptoms like .
Thoracic pain scan

What is Thoracic Pain?

Symptoms and causes of thoracic pain Thoracic pain will occur in the spine behind your chest or thorax, between your shoulder blades. Your thoracic pain will probably extend from the base of your neck to the beginning of your lumbar spine. This will be around waist level. If you experience this sort of pain, you may be wondering if .