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Cervical Pain

Natural Remedies for Upper Back Pain

There are several ways to relieve pain in the upper back but opting for natural remedies for upper back pain relief can have its benefits.

Back pain

Upper Back Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Upper back pain is a common problem that affects many individuals, often resulting from various underlying causes. To treat it, there are various non-invasive options to choose from.

Walking with back pain is difficult
Back pain

How back pain affects daily life

Apart from the pain that may prevent us from doing activities that require movement and physical effort (such as spending time doing the sports we love, or spending time with our families), people with back pain (especially the chronic type) are at risk of developing more serious conditions, if the main issue is left untreated.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Types and Causes

Neck pain occurs in the cervical spine region that is situated at the top of the spinal cord. The type of neck pain you can

Back pain

Back Pain in Younger People

Back pain in the younger generation is usually not something to worry about. However, if it’s persistent or if it keeps coming back, you might want to investigate the issue further.

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