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How to Take Care Of Your Spine At Home

If you experience any kind of back pain, you can easily reduce it by using spinal decompression therapy, which is a treatment modality that works on the root cause of the problem, rather than the symptoms, offering you long-term relief from pain.


Treat Most Back Pains Through One Easy Therapy

There is a common denominator among several back problems, and that is the fact that they are all caused by some deformation of the spine, which is most likely attributed to compression of the spine.

To treat most of these spinal problems, the best solution is to reverse the process of compression, through spinal decompression therapy. This can be achieved with the help of the Backrack Spinal Decompression Device.


How to Fix Posture Permanently

To fix your posture permanently it is best to use a device that works on the cause of your spinal misalignment and decompress your spine at the same time.

Spinal Decompression

7 Common Spinal Disorders – One Solution

Not all back pains are the same. There are over 50 spinal disorders recorded worldwide that are known for causing acute or chronic back pain. But here we’ll highlight 7 of the most common spinal conditions observed by medical professionals, and one authentic spine therapy to treat them all.

Spinal Decompression

Treat Back Pain Naturally with the Backrack

Backrack is an authentic, CE marked therapeutic device designed for spinal decompression. It covers the whole spine from cervical to lumbar region and treats most back pains in a natural way.

Spinal Decompression


Backrack is a therapeutic spinal care device to help you treat and prevent back pain like never before. It’s a safe, non-invasive back pain treatment.

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4 Ways to Avoid Invasive Back Pain Treatments

There are ways to avoid invasive back pain treatments, regardless of the location of your pain, as well as the issue that is affecting you. One such way is to decompress your spine with the help of the Backrack.