Tension Headache – When Neck Pain Causes Headache

Neck pain transferred to your head is not a normal headache. This type of severe headache is called “tension headache.”

Know the Soul Cause of Tension Headache

The cause of this kind of headache lye in the neck. It is due to the muscles around your skull. At the very base of your head (skull) there are some muscles that may be the reason to your tension headache. These muscles are very important for the movement of your head, neck, and first and second vertebra. This headache originates from certain reasons, the soul reason being that when immense tension is exerted on those muscles, they start to ache. The cause of the tension although can be anything for example, staring or using electronic devices for too long or maybe wearing a new pair of glasses.

This kind of pain usually just starts from the neck, because the muscles are located there. The muscles start to get tense when any kind of pressure is exerted on them; the pain is nothing like a normal pain. It feels like someone has wrapped something around your neck. It’s normal when this muscle pain skips through the muscle in to your skull. Then it feels like the neck pain is scattered in your whole head.

Well when we experience this kind of headache, we usually think of taking a pain killer or we go for a head massage. Well these ways are not too bad after all but it’s important to know why your muscles are in tension. If you won’t go after the potential cause then there is no use of getting a massage either. Sooner or later the pain will come back.

Know the Symptoms

Maybe the headache you have is a normal headache right? Maybe it’s not something hectic such as a tension pain but what if it’s a tension pain? It’s always better to know the problem because if you don’t know the cause you can’t find the right medication. It’s good to know the symptoms, so that you can remedy as soon as possible. Some symptoms of tension headache are:

  • The headache will not be sharp of tingling; it will be dull and faded. You will feel kind of weak and lousy.
  • You will not only feel the pain on your forehead but it will extend to your skull (scalp). You will be confused where the pain really is, it will be all over your head and maybe neck too.
  • You will find an unusual pressure on your head and neck. A kind of pressure that will want you to rest, but when you will rest your head on the pillow. It will get more intense.

These are some very basic symptoms from which you can identify tension headache now lets’ move on to, what you can do to relieve it. Always remember that these kinds of headaches are quite common, they are not serious or fatal but they are quite irritating. You can’t go to a doctor again and again right? So it’s’ better to use home treatments.

The Perfect Treatment

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When your body will be in movement, especially from the back then the muscles will relax themselves. Here we are talking about simple Backrack exercises, not running or jogging. It’s best to have Backrack™ at home so you can enjoy a soothing and muscle calming exercise. BackRack is better than any other medication is many ways for example, it has no side effects, you don’t need any kind of professional help and it saves you time and money over and over again.

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