Top Ways to Avoid Back Pain When Travelling

Back pain is a common symptom suffered by those who love to travel. Whether you’re planning on heading to a destination by plane, train or bus, or if you’re planning on taking a road trip in your car, there are several ways to ensure you’ll arrive feeling great, rather than in pain.

Check out the travel tips below and be sure to implement them the next time that you’re going on holiday or on a work-related trip.

1. Wear a Back Belt

A back belt is a great orthopaedic product that travelers should invest in because you can take it anywhere and use it anytime to relieve and prevent back pain and stiffness.
This is particularly helpful during trips when you’ll be seated for extended periods.

You’ll experience less stiffness and pain, more mobility and flexibility, and relief from muscle tension and pain, and you won’t have to worry about any side effects either.

Backrack Lumbar Support Belt for Pain Relief, Treatment, and Prevention

The Backrack Belt is a unique medical device that not only supports your back, but it also allows you to heal your lower back while you are on the move. The belt is equipped with wooden nodules that massage your spine, providing long-term pain relief as you keep carrying on with your day, a benefit that lasts even after you take off the belt, so you can be pain-free for a long time afterwards. As it is portable, it is a great aid for travellers who frequently experience pain in the lower back.

2. Move Around Regularly

Throughout your journey, get up out of your seat to move around a bit. If you’re on a plane, walk around the aisle a bit once it’s allowed.

If you’re taking a road trip and travel long distances, make frequent stops so that you can get out of your car and walk around or even perform some stretching exercises. This will increase circulation throughout the body, which can be inhibited when you’re seated for extended periods of time.

That circulation will bring vital nutrients and oxygen to every area of your body, and by moving around every 30 minutes or so, you can help prevent back pain before it takes hold.

3. Focus on Your Posture

Air travel can make it pretty challenging to hold a good posture especially when you are on a long flight where you have to stay seated for long periods of time, but there are a few ways that you can ensure your body will be in proper alignment during your flight, no matter how uncomfortable or tight your seat may be.

For one, you can ask the flight attendant for a blanket or a small pillow if you find that your legs aren’t at a right angle when you’re seated, as these will help prop your feet up and maintain the correct angle that will remove stress from the lower back.

And if your legs are long, stick with a bulkhead seat, an exit row seat or at least an aisle seat, as these generally provide additional legroom than other seats on the plane. If possible, you should also place all baggage in the overhead compartment (overhead bin) to increase the available space for your legs.

4. Take some home remedies with you

You may wish to take some pain relief items with you while you travel, such as a cold pack (or ice pack if possible), a heating pad (or simply a hot water bottle), or some form of anti-inflammatory drugs.

5. Decompress your spine

There are two main ways to decompress your spine and reduce back pain. One of them is to work with a physical therapist. The other approach can be done from the comfort of your own home, by following a tailored, yet flexible exercise program that targets your specific needs, using a special orthopaedic device called the Backrack.

What is the Backrack Spinal Decompression Device?

The Backrack is an orthopaedic device that safely and effectively decompresses your spine, providing long-term pain relief and prevention from back and neck pain. Given its design, it targets the entire length of the spine, ensuring all problem areas are relieved from pain. It is 100% natural, comfortable, and free of side-effects. Thousands of people have already seen its benefits, so why not be one of them?

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Follow the tips above the next time you’re going on a trip, regardless of how you’re travelling to your destination. These simple strategies will help you prevent back and neck pain so that you can feel great both during your journey and upon your arrival.

If the aforementioned home remedies and treatment options have not proved successful in alleviating your back pain while travelling, it may be worth seeking medical advice and obtaining a diagnosis from a qualified healthcare professional, who will check for the existence of any underlying health conditions that may be causing the persistent pain.

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