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Tips To Prevent Lower Back Pain after Gardening

Gardening is a healthy activity. However, it requires a lot of bending and can be surprisingly tiring for the body. Constant bending and slumping over the ground creates awkward positions for the body, causing your back to strain. Using various gardening tools requires immense effort as well and can physically exert you. Gardening with back pain is not possible .

A Deep Insight on Back Pain and its Effects

If you have been suffering from back pain, you should know that it is highly common in age groups ranging from teenagers to aged people. Four out of five people suffer from the horrible experience of back pain. Our back consists of three different body parts: lower back, the thoracic area which is the middle area and the strap .

Sacroiliitis – Home Remedies vs. Therapies vs. Medical Treatment

The sacroiliac joint is found in your hip bone. The inflammation of this joint is known as sacroiliitis. It is a very painful condition when your one or both sacroiliac joints get swollen. These sacroiliac joints are found at the meeting point of the vertebral column with the pelvis. Sacroiliitis is usually misdiagnosed as lower backache. This condition may .

Degenerative Spine Conditions and Treatment

What is Degenerative Spine? Degenerative changes in the spine are the ones that occur as we catch age, and these cause loss of normal structure or function of the spine. The spine consists of bones called vertebrae. These are supported in between by the spinal discs, which are a soft gel-like sacs acting as shock absorbers between the vertebrae. .
Thoracic back pain.

Symptoms of Thoracic Back Pain

Thoracic back pain is pain that occurs in the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is located at the back of the chest (the thorax), mostly between the shoulder blades. The thoracic spine comprises the twelve vertebrae to which the ribs attach and could, therefore, be described as the “upper back” region. Symptoms of Thoracic pain include: Stiffness Limited range of motion Muscle spasms Thoracic nerve pain symptoms like .
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Back Pain Relief | The Luklinski Clinic & The Backrack System

When you come for a visit at out clinic the three main questions we would like to know are: Where is your pain? How long have you had your pain? What treatment have you had? This will determine our specialist to examine you further and thoroughly carry out a consultation in order to make their diagnosis. Each consultation is .
Sciatica pain

What is Sciatica and can Backrack help?

What is Sciatica? This is a layman’s term used to describe a common back problem and as such it is not a clinical definition of any specific condition. Sciatica is related to the sciatic nerve which is the thickest and strongest nerve in the body. The nerve can sustain a hanging weight of 700kg (the weight of 7 adult .
Back support to fix lumbar pain

Do You Suffer from Back Pain? Try The Lumbar Belt

Lower Back Pain while you are at work If you have lower back pain while you are at work, you should report it to your health and safety representative and your employer. Talk with them about how your work situation could be improved. For example, perhaps you need a chair support, or perhaps your work station needs adjusting to .