Why is Backrack priced this way?

It Is the Result of Over 45 Years of Clinical Experience

The Backrack™ is a unique product and there is nothing else quite like it on the market. It has been carefully engineered by the brightest minds on Harley Street, London, to mirror the natural curvature of the human spine, as to allow for efficient and targeted treatment for various spinal disorders.

This invention is the lifetime work of an orthopaedic specialist with over 45 years of experience in spinal rehabilitation, who has studied and worked with various spinal disorders for decades. As a result of this accumulated long-term comprehensive knowledge on the human spinal anatomy, the Backrack™ was born.

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Spinal Backrack Conditions

High Treatment Effectiveness

Because of the way it was designed, the Backrack™ allows for a wide range of spinal conditions to be treated using just one device. It is not limited to treating just one specific region of the spine. Rather, it can target issues that originate in all three of the spinal sections: lumbar, thoracic and cervical. Because of its versatility, the Backrack™ serves multiple uses, rather than being built to treat one specific spinal condition.

Personalised Treatment

Although the Backrack™ is able to treat a wide range of spinal conditions, this does not mean that there is a universal treatment strategy to be applied to all the conditions it treats. On the contrary, there are several sets of customised exercises that have been curated to treat spinal problems depending on their root cause as well as the region of the spine where they occur. The patient also has the freedom to choose which set of exercises to perform as part of their treatment plan.

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backrack certified patented tech

Certified Patented Technology

Due to the uniqueness of this invention, the Backrack™ has become a patented device, and it has been classified as a Class I medical device.

Ethically Sourced Wood

The Backrack™ is crafted from carefully selected ethically sourced wood and it is fully manufactured in England, to ensure the highest quality of production.

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Safe For At-Home Use

The Backrack™ is very easy to use and requires no supervision from a medical specialist to be used at home. It allows for independent self-treatment and can be used at a time that suits the patient.