Why Lumbar Support Matters While Working?

The spine is divided into three parts. Cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is associated with the lower region of your spine. It consist of five lumbar levels from L1 to L5 (L denoting the lumbar region and the number representing the level) although having an extra L6 level is not unheard of.

The lumbar region comes under a lot of stress and pressure as it has to provide support and carry the weight of the upper body. This may lead to complications and cause deformities in the spine.

Why working may lead to back pain?

You may thing that only people who work out in the field or perform laborious tasks are more susceptible to spinal injuries. Unfortunately, that is not entirely true.

People who sit for long hours tend to do so while slouching forward. While the spine can rest ergonomically on the back seat, the same cannot be said about the slouching posture. The slouching posture pushes the lower back outwards, counter to the natural inward curve of the spine. This strains and exerts more pressure on the lower back. Even some of the most common tasks such as lifting something from the ground can put strain on your spine.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to have proper back support that not only helps you keep your spine in shape while sitting down but also provides back support while walking around.

Back Support Products

There is no shortage of products online that are made to allow you to sit more ergonomically. Back supports, sitting cushions and related products. Although these products do what they advertise i.e. provide support. One area where they all seem to fail is to help you manage your back pain and work on the root cause to eliminate the cause of pain.

Spinal Decmpression Belt

Enter the Backrack Lumbar Belt. A belt designed by the spine specialists of Harley Street. Based on the patented Backrack technology , this belt delivers on all your expectations of back support and helps you treat the root cause of your back pain. The Backrack Lumbar Belt has a unique design layered with different supports and fitted with the outmost comfort and breathable material.

Other than providing back support this belt also helps your spine get back in its original shape. It is stacked with a column of decompression nodules that work on your spine as you move.

Compression which is a common deformation of the spine and which leads to more complications down the road can be dealt with, with this unique decompression system. What’s more you do not have to take any time out of your day. Just put it on, get along with your day and let the belt do its work straightening your spine to its natural shape.

It may even save you trips to the doctor or expensive prescriptions of painkillers which will only give you the illusion of pain relief without working on the root cause.

Author: Spinal Backrack


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