Why You Should Use Backrack For Your Back Pain?

Our backrack has been designed by Harley Street spine specialists with back pain sufferers in mind. It is totally safe for you to use at home. It has been granted a patent and, naturally, this is proof of its efficacy. It is endorsed by a specialist who has worked for many years with patients who have needed spinal rehabilitation. It is a product which can be used on the spine as well as the neck. It bears the CE mark which means that it conforms with the health and safety standards of the European Union.

Many back pain sufferers think about having surgery in an attempt to rid them of their back pain. However, having intrusive surgery is not guaranteed to work. Why undergo an operation which might make your pain worse? Our backrack is easy to use and very safe.

Decompression, back pain and our backrack

Our backrack works by gently stretching your spine. This is called spinal decompression. It works to alleviate back pain by changing the pressure, or force on the spine and it also changes the spine’s position a little. The change takes the pressure off your spinal discs, the gel-like ‘cushions’ that are between the bone structures (vertebrae) in your spine. This means that if you have a bulging, or herniated disc, or discs, they may retract, and this will help your spine enormously. When your spine and all its components are not under pressure, the movement of water, oxygen and other spinal fluids are able to heal.

Spinal decompression can help treat, neck pain, back pain and sciatica, which can cause a tingling sensation that can spread down your leg. Spinal nerve roots which are damaged or diseased, can also benefit from decompression.

ease your backpain

Have you tried yoga to ease your back pain?

If you use our backrack as well as trying yoga exercises, you will soon understand that the pain can be treated in non-surgical ways. Yoga exercises can certainly help with back pain. Just 30 minutes of gentle exercises can do wonders for your lower back pain. You can do yoga exercises in the comfort of your own home, and don’t really need to go to classes, as long as you are prepared to stick to your exercise regime, which, of course, you can determine for yourself. Yoga  can also help release the build up of stress in the body and the back more specifically, which can help to soothe back pain.

Why not visit our Facebook page here? Check out Sarah Highfield’s page and website too if you would like to have yoga lessons. Some people just can’t get to grips with yoga exercises at first, so a teacher would be extremely beneficial, at least to begin with.

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