Would A Back Support Belt Alleviate Your Pain?

If you suffer from lower back pain, you may have been thinking of undergoing surgery. However, a simple solution might be to purchase a back support belt. Read more.

What exactly is a back support belt?

If you are one of the many people who suffer from lower back pain, you may have considered surgery to help. However, in our customers’ experience surgery is not the best option. Therefore, we at Spinal Back Rack suggest that before you do anything drastic, you should try our back support belt.

All our products have been designed by Harley Street spinal specialists and our back support belt is just one of our products. This particular product is also called the Backrack Lumber Belt.

Backrack Lumbar Belt - A Convenient Back Pain Treatment!

It supports your lower back, allowing you to move more freely without the pain you to which you have become accustomed. The back support belt can be adjusted to fit you and is comfortable to wear.

It won’t really help you to know that you are not alone with your back pain, but you aren’t. However, you don’t just have to try to grin and bear it, solutions are to hand. There’s our back support belt, our Spinal Backrack and chair and car seat supports.

Jobs that can cause back pain

  • Factory jobs, especially ones which require workers to make repetitive movements.
  • Car mechanics routinely suffer from back pain as bending and twisting can mean that your spine is put in awkward positions
  • Working in a warehouse, where you are bending, pulling. pushing and lifting can cause a lot of lower back pain.
  • Dentists can also suffer from lower back problems as they ate rarely in a standing position. They have to bend over their patients to fix their teeth.
  • Manual workers often suffer from back pain.
  • Office workers who sit in one position for hours are also prone to pain in their lower backs.

These are just some of the jobs in which worker are likely to have painful backs.

Working days lost because of illness in the UK

A staggering 31.2 million working days were lost between 2016 and 2017 due to illness according to the Health and Safety Executive’s figures. Most of the reasons for taking time off work are stress, depression or anxiety, and musculoskeletal disorders. Of course, these factors may be interrelated, as when you have to take time off work because of illness you may be stressed, anxious or depressed because you are worried about your health, and perhaps loss of earnings.

In the year between 2016 and 2017, 25.7 working days were lost because of ill health that was work-related. In addition, 6.5 million days were lost due to non-fatal injuries that occurred in the workplace. On average, people who had musculoskeletal disorders were absent from work for an average of 17.6 days.

The cost of working days lost in the UK because of illness is damaging to the economy, and if you become one of the people who have to take time off work because of back pain, then this will, ultimately, damage your finances.

However, if you are suffering from lower back pain, don’t be a martyr and go to work; take time off work and give your back time to recover.

Check out our products and what our clients have said about them now. Don’t suffer further.

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