Car Seat Back Support Considerations

Do you drive? You might be hurting your back without knowing

If you drive on a regular basis, whether it is for work, leisure or running personal errands, spending long periods of time in the car can have a negative impact on your spinal health, especially if your car seat doesn’t have an ergonomic structure.

You can make your back more comfortable if you use a car seat back support. Something to take into consideration if you are going to buy a car seat back support is to make sure that it is universal so that you can use it in different vehicles.

There are back support devices that can be used not only in a regular car (such as a sedan), but also on planes, trucks, vans, and trains. If you want a universal back support for your car seat that does more than just support your back, by also helping to relieving back pain and relax your back, you can check out our range of products here.

As with all our products, the car seat back support is designed by leading specialists in Harley Street. The Backrack car seat back support has been patented and it’s designed for your maximum comfort and support.

You’ll find that even on long car journeys, your back will be less painful, and you will be comfortable using it. You will certainly be aware of the difference when you use it. You will feel that your back is not as stiff and painful as it was, and it will be more flexible and mobile as well. Think what a relief that will be!

Why is it important to use a back support while driving?

Did you know that your spine can become stressed when you sit, be it in the car or any means of transportation? A stressed spine can lead to various spinal issues such as a slipped or bulging disc, sciatica, neck pain, hip pain, or even leg pain, arm pain and headaches. All of them are painful and can be quite debilitating. If you use a car seat back support, you can prevent these problems from appearing in the first place.

A car seat back support is much better than taking medication to stop your back pain.

Using a car seat back support is much better than taking medication to stop your back pain. There’ll be no unpleasant side-effects to contend with, only benefits. All you have to do is fix your car seat back support to your seat, then sit down and enjoy the comfort it affords your back. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Firmness, comfort and adjustable.

Before buying a car seat back support test it for firmness and comfort. Make sure it can be adjusted to fit not only your car seat, but also other chairs. Adjust the support so that it fits the contours of your back perfectly. You should be able to change the depth of your support so that it fits your back’s natural curve.

You can take your car seat back support with you wherever you go as it will fit most chairs. It will treat the cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms.

Other Options

If you spend long periods of time sitting down, either while driving or doing work at your desk, and a lumbar support for your back is not the ideal option, there are other approaches you can take to maintain the health of your spine and prevent back issues.

One of them is to engage in spinal decompression therapy with the Spinal Backrack, the star of our range of orthopaedic products.

Keep Your Spine Healthy Using the Backrack Device!

The Backrack is an orthopaedic device that has been carefully engineered by highly-skilled spinal specialists to treat any kind of back pain from the comfort of your own home. It is a non-invasive treatment tool that is free from side-effects and acts on the source of your pain, and not just the symptoms. Thousands of people have seen its benefits, so why not be the next one to do so?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Spinal Decompression Device?

As you sit down, be it while driving or while doing wort at your desk, your spine can become squashed down from the long periods of inactivity. This is called spinal compression. It causes your spine to shorten, and as such, other parts of the spine become squashed or pressed down as well. When spinal discs are affected, they can become herniated, bulging or prolapsed.

As a result, they can impinge onto nearby spinal nerves, triggering sensations of pain. One of the nerve roots that is most often affected by spinal compression is the sciatic nerve, which is associated with sciatica, a painful condition that affects the lower back, and sometimes even the legs or feet.

Spinal compression is also associated with a wide range of other spinal disorders such as hip pain, iliac crest pain, spinal stenosis and neck pain.

By decompressing your spine with the Spinal Backrack, you can prevent the onset of such conditions because the Backrack stretches out your spine through specific exercises, to help you maintain the natural space between each vertebra. It is highly effective in preventing these disorders even in people who spend several hours a day sitting down.

Additionally, if you already suffer from back pain, either because of one of the aforementioned spinal disorders or simply because of driving long distances, or sitting down for prolonged periods of time, the Backrack can help relieve the pain that is already present.

In other words, the Backrack acts like a spinal corrector, where it helps maintain intervertebral space in a spine that is still healthy, and it corrects the lack of intervertebral space in a spine affected by spinal compression.

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