Bulging Disc in the Neck – Natural Treatment

When a spinal disc in the neck weakens and trespasses on the spinal cord, it causes a bulging disc. An injury to the area can also create his condition; in some cases, this condition causes immense pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and arms.

The risk of a bulging disk increases at an older age as the structure in the spinal cord weakens over time. Poor posture or being overweight are common factors for this condition, which must be taken care of beforehand.

To ease the pressure in the spine, doing proper exercises and stretches will reduce the pain as well as other significant symptoms. Physical therapy, as a matter of fact, helps immensely in this regard.


The soft tissues that are located in the center of the spinal cord are called the vertebrae. In order to protect the flexibility of the vertebrae, a disc exists for each vertebra, which separates them from each other. The spinal discs protect the vertebrae from slipping away and helps in the movement of the spine. However, these spinal discs sometimes dislodge. This is called a herniated disc. Weak spinal discs can lead to a bulge in the neck.

Another cause of a bulging neck disk can be overweight. Excessive weight builds pressure on the spine and thus results in weak spinal discs. This can cause a bulging disc in the neck.

With age, the spine and its discs become weak and often slip out of place. A bulging disc in the neck for aged people is common.

Avoid sitting for too long as it could affect the spine. Hard surfaces or too much-cushioned surfaces that make you sink in when seated should be avoided. The ideal seating place is a regular cushioned chair.


Even though a bulging disc can occur without any sign, there is a reason where the disc presses on a nerve in the neck. It can cause pain throughout the shoulders, back, and neck. These three areas are felt stiff and have trouble with movement. The shoulders, arms, and fingers feel tingly and get numb. There is limited movement in these body parts that give immense discomfort to the patient. The severity of the pain in the area depends on how much pressure is building upon the nerve. The person will feel less pain while resting and immense suffering and trouble in the slightest movement like walking.

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